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Fashion Trends for College Students in 2022 

The world is your runway! Always remember that. And while your college schedule can be hectic, this doesn’t mean your wardrobe should look lousy. Get to know the latest fashion trends for college students this 2022.  

Go Bright With Yellow  

You should go bold this year by wearing yellow. This alone should be enough for you to make a statement. If you already have yellow pants, wear them with a white top, and you are good to go. We bet you could turn heads with this. 

Shocking Sequins  

Today, sequins and sparkly clothes aren’t just for night-outs. You can also wear it while you are attending your favorite class. Look powerful and fun with such exceptional clothes. You can pair it with your jeans and favorite heels.   

Plaid Skirts  

The 90s kids will surely be proud of your fashion sense, and you could release your inner Clueless character. Having a plaid skirt is always a wise investment. Don’t be afraid to go experimental and partner it with a suit. Accessorize with pearls, and you would indeed look instantly smart.   

Denim On Denim  

Remember when Britney and Destiny’s Child wore denim on denim? It might be a style that is hard to pull off for some. But with a lot of confidence, we’re pretty sure you can nail it.   

Cutout Dresses  

Stay away from boring dresses and choose ones with interesting cutouts. A bit of skin won’t hurt you. If your rooms are always at low temperatures, bringing a coat would do the trick.    

Oversized Suits  

We love oversized suites because these are versatile. You can use it while defending your paper before your strict professor, and then use it again during a night out. Don’t worry about getting the designer brands. Visit thrift shops and you’re sure to find great deals.   


Here’s another fashion trend worth a shot. Wear fringe and combine it with subtler pieces. We’ve seen awesome coats with fringes, and we have to say — they rock!  

Puffer Coats  

You can still look chic and cool with puffer coats, and yes, it will always keep you warm. We suggest that you get a couple of styles. It’s a great investment because puffer coats are here to stay. It’s the true epitome of fashion and function.   


Remember, knitwear isn’t just for older people. College students can also rock it! The best part is, they are comfortable too. Wear it with your fabulous skirt and heels, and you’re all set.   


Who says you have to be French to wear a beret? We know you’ve watched Emily in Paris, and you can mimic her style. It’s an accessory that is timeless and can be used for years. You can use it in winter or even spring and look absolutely gorgeous.   


This is a must for fashion lovers. Pearls add instant sophistication to any wardrobe plus, you can use these for formal gatherings and upcoming interviews.   


You can also take inspiration from major designers and wear clothes decorated with geometric shapes. Others are even sewing different fabrics to make their wardrobe even more jaw-dropping. Doing your own clothes means you’re the only person wearing such. If you want to be unique and creative, this is the way to go.   


Universities or college campuses often require long walks. If you want to be in style yet want to protect your walkers, better buy quality loafers. These are basic but would never go out of style. Again, as early as now, you have to invest in pieces that could last for years.  

Fashionable Masks  

While many countries are more relaxed now and don’t require people to wear masks, we still encourage that you use one. After all, the virus is still mutating and we can never be too sure. We’ve seen awesome face masks decorated with sequins or are hand-painted. If you have a talent for arts, then we say design your own.   

At the end of the day, college fashion boils to being comfortable. With all the reports, projects and social obligations you have to juggle, wearing comfortable clothes is the most practical choice. However, if you can add some flair and spice to your wardrobe, the better. It’s time to show your personality through your clothes, whether you bought them straight from the store or sewed them yourself. 

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