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Facing Your Family After Dropping Out Of College

For most people, it seems that it is embarrassing to face your friends and families when you drop out of college. But in reality, there are a lot of valid reasons why you would want to do that. Maybe you need to rest for a bit. Perhaps it’s about financial constraints. Or for some reason, you are experiencing an emotional breakdown. Whatever your reason is, you will have to face the people you love. And if you are not sure how you will do it, this post can help you.   

Prepare Your Speech   

As crazy as it may sound, you have to prepare your speech. Be honest with your reasons. There’s no need to hide or lie about it. Explain what you’ve been going through and your insights as well. If your decision is temporary, then just say that you need more time. But if you are 100% decided that university isn’t for you, then be prepared to tell them about your plans. Are you thinking of getting short courses? Are you planning to build a business?   

To be honest, your family just wants to know if you have future plans. It doesn’t matter if it’s going back to university or getting a job. However, if you need help organizing your thoughts, you can always be open to them.   

You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself to Everybody   

Remember this. It isn’t your obligation to tell everyone why you stopped going to university. It’s understandable if your mom and dad ask you a few questions about your decision. But your aunts or your parents’ friends are not included.   

If they keep on intruding, you can politely say that you are uncomfortable talking about it in the meantime. They should realize that it’s already a clear sign to stop.  

Try Not to Freak Out When They Get Hysterical   

Naturally, most parents would freak out about your decision. After all, getting a degree is still a huge thing for most people. If they do, please try to contain yourself. Don’t react, or don’t be too defensive. Instead, let them calm down first before you explain your side.   

Now, what if they still can’t accept your decision? What are you going to do?  

Improve Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health   

Make sure that you are strong enough to handle adversities. We’ve heard similar stories where parents were not happy with their children’s decision to drop out of college. It even reached the point of getting back the car that was given to them or cutting credit cards.   

But you see, it isn’t the end of the world. You can do so much, and you are already an adult. You can find a job and live on your own. You can even attend classes that you really want. Or, if you need professional help for your mental health, then do so. Just make sure you protect and strengthen yourself because the world, as beautiful as it is, can also be a tough playground.   

Look for Support Group   

We know for a fact that some families are less welcoming about this idea of you dropping out of college. You can’t force them to agree with you. However, it is still helpful if you have a support group. You can check online and join communities. That way, you can be guided on what things you can do to regain yourself. Perhaps, they can share tips on how to get a job. Or they have online classes to recommend.   

Again, remember that dropping out of college isn’t the end of everything. You can always get an education outside the four corners of your room. That’s what is important – the urge to improve and to learn. If you have the means, go on an adventure and find what you want in life.   

Life is too short to have regrets. And while your family or friends will not agree with your decision, you know what’s good for you. Take control of your life. Yes, you will still make mistakes, and you might question yourself if you chose the right thing. But that’s just a part of the process. Find ways to get up, feel proud of yourself, and you would realize that people around you will be proud of you too.   

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