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Facebook Outage: What To Do Without Social Media, College Guide

The recent Facebook outage last October 4 is still fresh in our memories. When apps like these, used by billions of people around the world, go down, we can’t deny their adverse effects. Businesses were cut off from their customers, lives were disrupted and communication did become difficult. Money and resources were lost. Undeniably, Facebook plays a big part in our daily lives.

Top Things To Do Without Social Media

When vital communication platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp become inaccessible, what’s left for you to do? How can life go on without social media? Here are some fun and interesting things to do when social media and other popular apps go down:


Reading is a fun and relaxing hobby. There are plenty of online platforms that offer content for you to consume. However, nothing beats the smell and the feel of the crisp pages of a “real” book.

Social media offers an escape from the current situations we are in. People can pretend or at least forget about their worries as they browse through their walls on social media. This can be enjoyed with books too. Through the stories we read, we can become a princess, a wolf, or even a billionaire going for the girl that she likes. It is a healthy escape from reality too, and a perfect way to consume your downtime.

Play An Instrument

Playing a musical instrument or learning to play a new one can be a productive way to use your time, far from social media. Grab a guitar and strum your favorite song. This could be your chance to learn to play the piano, or the violin.

There are plenty of videos available online to help you learn or improve your skills in playing an instrument. Apart from YouTube, you can also use Vimeo, Daily Motion, Wistia, and Sprout Video to look for tutorial videos. But what if all of these platforms went down too? Nothing beats the help of a friend. Ask help from someone you know who is great at playing a musical instrument you have in mind. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond with them on a different level while sharing and enjoying something you both love to do.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Social media went out? There’s plenty of things you’ll get to do and experience outdoors. Go out and bask in some sun. Pack your bags and put your camping gear into use. Invite friends to hike a new trail or to go camping by the lake.

Go on a picnic or try mountain climbing. The outdoors has so many things to offer. Take as many pictures as you want and build memories as you reconnect with nature and with life. One of the downsides of social media is that it tends to pull us away from exciting things we could have done outdoors. We have locked ourselves in the comfort of our mobile devices. With or without a social media outage, it would be a great experience to go out and be a part of nature once again.

Reconnect With a Friend

When was the last time did you actually reconnected with a friend? Instead of stalking their social media accounts why don’t you go out and drop a visit instead? Nothing beats real-life face-to-face interaction. 

Go out, watch a movie, drink coffee or watch the stars, literally. The memories that we create in real life resonates and last. It is still better than any viral video on social media. You can even do the above activities with them. When social media suddenly decides to stop and freeze, going back to basics is the key. Add life and living to the social you once knew.

There Is More To Life Than Social Media

Facebook and other social media platforms play a big role in our lives today. It is important for businesses, artists, and influencers. It is a platform that allows us to reconnect with others, regardless of the distance. However, social media is not the only life that we have. There is plenty to enjoy and explore outside the four screens of our digital gadgets.

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