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Exchange Student Guide for Thailand Colleges and Universities

There are plenty of learning opportunities available for students. A student exchange program would be a great opportunity for a student to learn about different cultures, explore the world, study and discover more about themselves – all while earning a degree or finishing a course. Students who embark on this life-changing experience can enjoy plenty of programs in a country of their choice, as they learn and enjoy the adventure of learning overseas.

Thailand is one of the best Asian countries Americans and Europeans can consider for exchange programs. Thailand is one of the highly competent countries that takes education as a very important aspect of their lives. Thais are required to study hard to be able to perform well in rigorous examinations as they compete with each other to get into the best schools in the country. If you would want to learn Thai, as well as its culture and experience the level of competency the educational system has to offer, Thailand is indeed the best place to go in Asia.

Why Study in Thailand?

Thailand is a very friendly country. It is an independent country that has a strong culture for diplomacy and hospitality. These are among the top reasons why a lot of international students are drawn to the country. The government supports the educational system with the intention of placing Thai universities among the top schools for science and technology in Asia, as well as the rest of the world. Exchange students can take advantage of the top-rated educational system in the country. The environment, agriculture, ecology and culture in the region are extra flavors you’ll get to experience when you study in Thailand.

Cost of living here is also quite cheaper compared to other Asian countries. Lodging will cost you around $450 to $750 a month which already covers accommodation, food and beverages and leisure activities. Food is extremely healthy and delicious, with a lot of tropical fruits to explore. The location is also quite enjoyable. There are plenty of breathtaking views, beaches and places to see during your free time from school. Thailand is also a great pit stop if you are planning to explore other Asian countries nearby.

Top Things To Know Before Applying for A Student Exchange Program in Thailand

Before you sign up with an exchange student program, it is important to learn a few things about the country, their culture and other information that will help you through your transition as an exchange student. Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind when you finally decide to apply for a student exchange program in Thailand.

Adjust to “Thai Time”

If you are used to arriving early, you might want to bring a book because most of your classmates will arrive 10-15 minutes later. In Thailand, there is a common culture known as “Thai Time”.  

You can still arrive early and take advantage of this buffer time to get to know your classmates and gain friends in the process.

Be Familiarized with the Transportation System

Travelling around Thailand may require some adjustments on your end. Be smart or familiarize yourself with the modes of transportation, fare costs as well as the time of travel required to reach different places. The bus is the most widely-used form of transportation in the area. Bangkok features the colorful tuk-tuks and taxis that can be taken to get around the metro. Ferry boats are also available in areas along the small water canals located in the city. Transportation is quite affordable. Daily commuting can cost you around a dollar or two. 

Learn Thai in Advance

If it is possible, it would be best to learn the Thai language in advance. Learn the basic words and phrases used for greetings, asking questions, food options, directions, transportation and medicine. A translator might seem handy but some instances may not give you the luxury of time to interpret Thai words through your translators. 

The city poses less of a challenge when it comes to communicating in English. However, for areas in the regions, communicating with the locals in English can be very difficult.

A student exchange program in Thailand would be a great opportunity for learning. However, you may have to learn and adapt with the Thai culture to be able to blend in easier as well as to fully enjoy what the country offers. It is also ideal to learn more about Thailand, not only inside your classroom, but also outdoors to fully seize the once in a lifetime adventure. 

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