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Effects of Becoming a Social Media Influencer to College Students

Social media has indeed captivated the hearts of many that it has become an integral part in our lives. It is where we go for product reviews, and to check the news, to get our opinions viewed and heard. Social media has become an influencer for the things we do, support, eat, purchase or avoid.

With the growth of social media came the growth of social media influencers. These social media influencers aim to be the point of person when it comes to the latest in fashion, gadgets, technology, food and places to go. As social media continues to grow, so is the number of influencers in mainstream social media. 

But what if these social media influencers are still in college, getting a degree and earning their diploma? How does this one affect their personal and school life?

College students can be so busy that they sometimes have to balance social life, family life, and school life. But what if you are a social media influencer too? How does this affect your life as a student? Will the pressure be extra harder? Can it be stressful?

Here are the most common effects, both good and bad, on being a social media influencer while in college.

It Makes You Quite Very Busy

Being a social media influencer requires hours of content creation, filming, video editing and promotion to get your message out there. Add these hours to your classes, school work and a part time job if you have one. 

The hours you have in a day may not be enough to attend to these and other personal things in your life. Although it can be quite demanding in terms of time, you’ll definitely learn to prioritize, stay focused and value your time as you hustle as a social media influencer while getting your diploma.

Your School Life Becomes A Little Bit Less Private

As a social media influencer, you become a public person even if you do not want to become an unofficial property of the public. Do not be surprised to see people at your school criticising your life as a student on your social media. It doesn’t matter if your content is unrelated to college life. It will happen. 

You see, people can be quite shady and cruel when it comes to putting social media influencers down. 

That is the downside of being a social media influencer while being exposed to a young community like yours in college. Although there will be people in your university supporting your endeavors, there will be people who’ll want to put you down. That is true for anyone else whose life is mostly exposed in social media.

It Builds Your Confidence

Being a social media influencer requires charms and confidence. If you have established yourself as an influencer, you can most likely say that you’ll be able to handle situations like public speaking, singing, or acting better than someone more private. Getting your message across feels more easier with you at school since you have already harnessed this skill as a social media influencer.

Being a social media influencer while being surrounded by young people like yourself makes you feel accountable to do good and become an inspiration. It pushes you to become a better person or a better version of yourself. 

It can be quite challenging. But if you want to live up to what you say and do on social media, being a role model while in university will come naturally for you.

Being a social media influencer and a college student at the same time is quite demanding. It requires you to work harder than anyone else if you want to succeed in both areas. People will be looking into the things that you do and say, which makes life quite harder or less private for you.

Meanwhile, there are also tons of good points on being an influencer while in college. It can be a fun side gig that can help you fund your expenses in college. It gives you and people your age a voice that can represent their opinions, advocacies and needs. 

Generally, being a social media influencer while in college can add color, experience, fun, and a lot of fruitful memories to your young adult life.

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