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Easy to Make Drinks to Boost Your Mental Capacity

The human brain is amazing. It has the ability to adapt to change, even as you age. You can nourish your body and train your brain to improve your cognitive skills and boost your brainpower. Staying mentally sharp, even as we get older, is possible, with the right nutrients and exercise for our brain cells.

College life can be very busy, and you might find little or no time to cook a decent and nutritious meal. However, you can still enjoy a healthy, brain-boosting menu, perfect for improving your mental capacity with healthy drinks. Simply throw in a mix of fruits and vegetables into your portable mixer, grind and then enjoy it on the go. Here are some of the easiest to blend drinks that can help improve your brain function.

Chocolate and Banana Mix

Banana is one of the most accessible fruits that mixes well with almost anything. It is affordable, tasty, and can make you feel full even with small servings. Bananas are also known to promote focus and concentration. The fruit is rich in potassium and other essential minerals that help the brain, the heart, and nerves function better. 

Bananas taste well with chocolate. Simply chop a few bananas from your freezer, blend it together with chocolate mix or chocolate and water to create a power smoothie. Chocolate is good for improving cognitive function and for enhancing one’s memory. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps prevent cancer. Bananas and chocolates are also great for anti-aging. The combination, rich in flavonoids and nutrients, can also promote a healthy blood flow.

Coffee and Cinnamon

Coffee is one of the staple drinks that helps people perk up and focus, especially during early mornings. If you are such in a hurry and would like to grab a power drink that can help you get through your day, coffee with a few dashes of cinnamon could help boost brain function and increase your awareness. Grab a bagel or a slice of bread during those busy mornings and drown it with a coffee and cinnamon combo as you run to your first subject.

Cinnamon’s distinctive smell helps decrease stress and features several medicinal properties. It is also very rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Just add half a teaspoon or a teaspoon of your cinnamon to your favorite coffee brew to help you begin your day alert and with razor-sharp focus.


Popularly known as “brain berries,” blueberries are considered as a superfood, rich in antioxidants and a natural guard against free radicals. Berries are known to prevent brain and cell damages. Blueberries are believed to enhance memory, improve cognitive skills, enhance the brain network functions, and stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

You can mix berries with banana, apple, yogurt, and strawberries. Peaches and mango also go well with blueberries. If you would like to enjoy the authentic and pure blueberry flavor, a glass of milk, ice, and a few blended blueberries would do the trick. It will only take you around five minutes to prepare the mix. Stash it inside an insulated flask to enjoy it anytime during the day.

Green Juice

The green juice is a popular brain-function boosting drink made up of combined fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of variations possible, but the most common include cucumber, apples, kale or spinach, and fresh herbs like lemongrass. It’s flavorful and easy to mix and a great drink to help boost memory and improve your cognitive skills.

Green smoothies can also be a mix of protein powder, bananas, avocado, and yogurt. Get the energy you need to help your brain function efficiently while promoting the growth of new brain cells. The drink mix is also good for keeping you focused and alert throughout the day.

You are indeed what you eat, or in this case, what you drink. Even with a busy schedule, you can still prepare delicious and nutritious drinks that will help your body and brain function to its fullest potential. A little creativity will allow you to enjoy nutritious and easy to prepare drinks that can power up your brain and improve your mental capacities.

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