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Don’t Do These Things If You Are An Intern

How should you behave as an intern? We have here several ‘don’ts’ so that you will be guided on how to act when having an internship. If you follow these tips, you are likely to stand out, and you might be offered with a full-time job.   

Don’t Say YES to Everything   

As an intern, it is important to be assertive and decline assignments which you are not comfortable doing. For example, if you believe it is already out of scope, you can politely decline. If this is taken against you, talk to the Human Resource representative. You always need to protect yourself and know whom to talk to just in case there will be issues.   

Don’t Allow Being Discriminated or Harassed  

Quite frankly, the corporate world can be ruthless, and people can be rude. However, that doesn’t mean you should allow them to pick on you just because you are an intern. If this happens, you have to stand your ground. But make sure you create a safe space if the employee in the company has the tendency to hurt you.   

Regardless if you are an intern or a full-time employee, no one has the right to do that to anyone. You should document any incident pertaining to that issue.   

Don’t Bad Mouth the Employees of the Company  

We understand that there are other employees that can be rude and annoying. They feel that they have power over you. And even if you are tempted to say something about it, try to control yourself. We’ve seen a lot of interns who are posting their rants on social media. Now, even if what you posted is 100%, that can be used against you. Again, there’s always a proper time and place to raise your concerns. Posting on social media should be the last resort.    

Don’t Spend Too Much on Social Media   

Speaking of social media, do not use it when you are at the office. You are an intern to learn the ropes of the business. You are not there to scroll through your feed, take selfies, and like posts. Of course, you may do so during breaks.   

Don’t Be Afraid to Contribute  

If you want to stand out during your internship, you should be proactive. If you are being asked about your thoughts on a certain project, go ahead and give it your best shot. Do your research and treat it as a real job.   

Don’t Be a Know It All  

You have to be careful. Some interns are too aggressive, and this might not sit well with other employees. You have to find the right balance. There’s no need to be a know-it-all. Listen to the seasoned employees and list down the things where you find there’s a need for improvement. When asked, share them your findings.   

Don’t Come Late   

This is already a no-brainer but worth reminding of. As much as you can, do not come late for your intern. Before the actual date, you need to test the commute from your place to the office. In addition, find other means of transportation.   

Being late is obviously a bad habit, and you might receive a low remark from your employer. If there are days that you will come late, always inform your superior ahead of time.   

Don’t Rely on Mental Notes  

You might think that you can rely on your mental notes, but we’ve proven that it can fail you. To be on the safe side, write down all the instructions on a notepad. Or since most of us are already ‘digitalized’, taking down notes using your phone or tablet is also a good idea.   

Don’t Show Frustration  

As much as you can, try to conceal frustration when it comes to work. Be optimistic when given a task and work on it as if it is a kiddie-puzzle to solve. If you need to ask questions, don’t be afraid to do so. Most employees appreciate that you turn to them for help.   

Don’t Try to Hide Errors   

Just in case you made a mistake on your assigned task, do not hide it. If you do, it might cause bigger problems. Be honest about it so that the seasoned employees can resolve the issues right away. Learn from your mistakes and vow not to repeat it. More often than not, employers are forgiving.   

Don’t Save Internal Files  

Confidentiality is paramount, and you have to make yourself trustworthy. Never get information and save it on your laptop or hard drive. Companies are now sophisticated, and they can track if there are suspicious actions on their files. You can get penalized or blacklisted.    

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