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Do You Want To Look Polished, Here Are Some Tips For College Students

Do You Want To Look Polished, Here Are Some Tips For College Students 

Do you want to change your style right now and look more polished? If yes, here are a few tips we could give for college students like you. But remember, polished doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive items.  

So, enough with the chat and let’s get right to it. 

What’s Your Budget  

First of all, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend on your wardrobe. Make sure it is reasonable enough. You shouldn’t sacrifice other important expenses just for your clothes.  

It’s always good to set a budget so you can also know where to shop.  

Look For Inspiration Online  

Quite frankly, being polished is subjective and there are many styles to look one. Our suggestion is to browse online for inspiration. Check with blazers or trousers that work best for your style. And before you even go to shops, make sure to follow the next tip first.  

Check What’s In Your Closet  

You would be surprised that you don’t have to change your entire wardrobe. Most likely, you have a few pieces that could still work. Keep those for now. And then, get the items that you think you will not use in the future.  

What you can do with these least favorite pieces is to sell them online. At least with that, you would be able to have extra funds just in case you want to buy more clothes.  

Choose Basic And Neutral Colors  

When choosing clothes that will make you look polished, even fashion experts would say that you have to choose basic pieces. 

Why is that so?  

Well, just imagine if you are to wear a black shirt on jeans? It would still look more sophisticated than wearing neon shirts or bright-colored ones. Invest in those and you can easily mix and match your clothes. That means, you won’t have to buy a lot!  

Choose Quality Over Quantity – Always  

To look polished, it doesn’t mean that you have to get a lot of clothes. But what matters most is that you choose quality items. At least with that, you can maintain that smart look for a long time. You can be sure that it will not be easily worn out. In fact, it could last even when you are already working in the real office. Now that’s a smart choice.  

Go To Thrift Shops 

You got that right. You would be surprised how many amazing things you can find from thrift shops – and this includes a classy wardrobe.  

Of course, you have to be picky. If there are stains that you think are hopeless, then go dig for more. However, if you see damages that can be repaired, get it and start adding patches.   

Know Your Size  

Another common mistake of most college students is that they don’t know their size. Most of the time they will buy baggy clothes or something that is quite smaller for them. Make sure that it looks awesome on you from all sides.  

Buy Accessories  

If you want to add instant glamor to your wardrobe, then don’t underestimate the power of accessories. You can always have some chunky bracelets, a nice watch, and a good necklace to pair with it.  

Take note that you don’t have to buy precious metals all the time. There are affordable and chic ones available practically anywhere.  

What You Need To Avoid  

For those who just graduated from high school, here are some of the things you need to remember.  

Try to remove your shirts with logos targeted for a younger audience. It’s harder to take you seriously if you have a Hello Kitty on your top or any type of cartoon character for that matter.  

You might also want to change your hairstyle into a classier one. For ladies, save the twin braids for a more laid-back occasion. And why don’t you put your hair down or a bun for a brand-new look?  

While we are asking you to leave the childish fashion, you shouldn’t dress too old as well. Just find the right balance and you are all set.  

Do It For Yourself

When dressing up, remember that you are doing it for yourself.  Never think that you want to look polished to impress other people.

Dressing smartly is one of the ways you can gain that confidence. But trust us – if you carry yourself well, others will naturally be impressed regardless of what you wear.   

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