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Do You Want To Be a Creative Writer, College Guide

Creative writing is a great opportunity to translate your imagination, ideas, and thoughts into personas and short stories. It is a relaxing hobby that can stimulate your mind. Creative writing as a profession can be quite lucrative too.

If you are looking to start a career in creative writing, starting early is the key.  Honing your creative skills  as early as possible is the key to your success. Interestingly, you can start your writing career during college.

Tips In Starting A Career In Creative Writing While In University

A student’s life during college can be quite very busy. Having a creative outlet to release those stress and worries may help in surviving college life and drama. One of these productive outlets is creative writing.

If you are looking to start a career in creative writing, or simply begin writing, here are some tips perfect for a busy college student like you.

Choose The Type Of Creative Writing Platform To Focus On

Although it would be nice to juggle and excel in different areas in creative writing, it would be best to master one before exploring others.

In creative writing, there are five types of forms you can choose from – fiction writing,  non-fiction writing, screenwriting, playwriting, and poetry writing. Choose one that you prefer or love the most.

Read As Much Materials As You Can 

Most creative writers are extensive readers too. The more you read, the easier it will be to understand what audiences expect from storytellers like you. In fact, today’s prolific writers are readers and were once inspired by the books and stories that they have read before.

It would be quite difficult to get a hang of creating stories unless you do not have references to draw inspiration from. Reading can help you explore different genres and methods of writing.  It can help you find a niche that you are really good at and guide you on how to start writing stories on your own.


To improve your skills in writing, the best thing to do is write. This is not as simple as creating stories and poems on a daily basis.

It would be best to write down random ideas that pop into your head too. Interestingly, we can get a lot of inspiration from our daily lives and the things that are happening around us.  Keep a notepad to easily jot down or record any content idea that comes into mind. This would come in very handy when you start creating your masterpieces.

Know Your Audience

Who are you writing for? Are you writing children’s stories for younger kids or for toddlers? Do you plan on writing novels for your teens or for adults? What you put into your stories and how you deliver your stories depends on the audiences  that you want to target.

Different literary pieces appeal to different types of demographics. Knowing your audiences can help you narrow down the type of content to write as well as the ideas that might become appealing for your target readers.

Enroll In A Writing Workshop

The best way to improve in content writing is to surround yourself with people that can help you improve in your craft.  Get into a writing workshop or join writing communities to get feedback and constructive tips and advice for your writing.

Whether it is your first time writing a book or creating a poem, it would be nice to have someone to listen to or to read your creations. This process also helps you improve your creative writing processes. You’ll get to connect with people that can potentially guide you in your writing career.

Creative writing is an engaging and fun hobby. It is very stimulating and pushes you to the limits of your imagination. 

For college students, creative writing can be a good practice to help refocus their energy into other things besides school and their social life.  It can be a productive escape from reality. 

Creative writing can also help discover alternatives and solutions to problems you are currently facing. Through creative writing, your curiosity for art, intrigue, mysteries, and romances are contemplated. The world becomes a better place through this form of art.

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