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Do You Think You Should Get A College Degree In Asia 

Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are many students who would like to finish their degree in Asia. But what’s the real deal? Is it worth it? And what are the things you need to understand before you even apply for college?  

If you want to know more, this post is for you.  

Rich Cultural Experience  

When you study in Asia, you will be able to experience first-hand their way of living. And we have to say, it’s quite different from what you are accustomed to. The learning you’d get from these experiences cannot be obtained from any textbook. 

Cost Of Living Is Cheaper  

Another reason why many are encouraged to get their degree in Asia is because of the low cost of living. Well, we are not including all countries in Asia. But generally, the rent, food, and other costs are way cheaper.  

Top-Notch Education  

Did you know that some of the best universities are found in Asia? If you want quality education, then you should consider packing your bags. You can choose universities in Singapore, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Japan, and Taiwan, to name a few.  

You Will Be Ready For International Opportunities  

More often than not, universities in Asia will prepare you to work in an international setting. You will be globally competitive and that could be your leverage when applying for a job anywhere in the world.  

Learn A New Language  

While English is a commonly used language in Asia, you will be compelled to learn the local language. Again, this could be your advantage. Being multilingual is always a plus since you can expand your company’s market to different locations. 

Postcard Worthy Places  

We know that college can be stressful, and you need a break once in a while. If you are studying in Asia, a quick drive could lead you to amazing places where you can relax and just forget your school for a while. There are plenty of beaches, historical architecture, and fine mountains! You will never run out of places to go to.  

You Become Independent  

When you leave your country to study abroad, specifically in Asia, you learn to be independent. And this is crucial as you enter adulthood. You become stronger and even resourceful whenever there are problems.

While in the work setting, you have to be a team player. Knowing how to work on your own is also an important skill. And by living on your own, you can certainly embrace that.  

Expand Your Network  

It is important that you expand your network as early as possible. And when you are studying overseas, you get to meet locals and other international students. Most of the time, the relationship lasts for a lifetime. And you can use this network when looking for a job, or if you just want tips or a place to stay whenever you visit their home country.  

Your Resume Will Look Good  

According to studies, employers are impressed whenever they see that an applicant has an international student experience. It gives the impression that you are well-rounded and could survive challenges. So, if you want to increase the chances of getting hired, then going abroad could be the ticket!  

How To Prepare, Studying In Asia  

If you are decided to study in Asia, it is essential that you prepare. After all, you will be miles away from your family. And you are definitely away from your comfort zone. Here are our recommendations if you want to adjust and adapt fast.  

Join Online Groups For International Students  

Thank heavens for social media, you can easily check if there are groups specifically for international students in a different country. We recommend that you join these and make connections. That way, you can meet them during your first days and be able to get tips on how to live in a new country.  

Learn The Language  

We are not asking you to be fluent right away. But it would be a good idea to learn the basic language of the country where you will study. You can learn the greetings or even how to ask for directions. You can also download an app so you can translate easily.  

Pack Light  

There’s no need to bring your entire closet. Just know the climate in the country and bring the essentials. The rest, you can just buy from there. If you pack a lot of things, you won’t even have a place to store them all so it’s useless.

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