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Do You Have A Weird Roommate? Here’s What You Need To Know

Just in case you are paired with the weirdest, and probably the worst roommate, there are certain things that can make your life manageable. And no, you don’t have to leave just yet. That could be, of course, your last resort. So, let’s hop on the tips and see how you can manage your weird roommate.  

Create Guidelines And Have A Contract  

During the first few weeks, you and your roommate must have an agreement. This doesn’t have to be formal. But we recommend that you put it in writing. That way, you can refer back to it if one of you did not comply.  

Make sure that you get their insights too and it should be balanced. Consider the schedule of taking the trash, who’s going to clean the common bathroom, and even the visitation hours among many others.  

Don’t Expect That You Will Be Best Friends  

One of the common reasons why many college students are disappointed with their roommates is that they expect them to be the best of friends. But come to think of it, you two might have different personalities, values, and beliefs. You don’t need to be extremely close to live a harmonious life. Just maintain a good level of respect and you are all good. You don’t have to be all too personal and to share your secrets with them.  

Call Them Out If They Did Something Wrong  

You shouldn’t just keep your mouth shut if in case your roommate always leaves their dirty clothes on the floor. It’s not even good if you keep on cleaning the common bathroom even if it is their schedule to do so. Of course, there might be times that they might miss their responsibilities for valid reasons. However, if it is becoming a regular thing, you need to speak up and be upfront. Otherwise, they will think that it is fine that you do all the heavy workloads 

You would be surprised how honesty can go a long way. You shouldn’t be scared of what they would think. After all, you are living in a shared space and you have the right to say something if you feel they are going overboard.  

Pretend You Are Busy  

If in case your roommate keeps on inviting you to join them, make yourself preoccupied. Pretend that you are using your phone, or you are studying for an exam. We understand that you could be running out of an excuse, so making yourself look busy can help in these situations.  

However, it would be a common courtesy to say yes to their invitation even once. Just make sure they are not using substances or doing things that will get you expelled from the university.  

Learn To Compromise As Well  

Let’s give your roommate the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, they are not all too bad. So what you can do is to also tweak your behavior and look for common ground. Maybe you have to compromise as well. But of course, there should be boundaries. You shouldn’t be the one who’s going to compromise all the time. It’s a real relationship we are talking about here.  

Try Not To Lose Your Temper  

We understand that in some cases, you just want to punch your roommate. But even if things are getting crazier, try to stay calm. Never involve yourself in fights. When you are talking to your roommate, you should be firm but never aggressive. And you shouldn’t attack them personally. Be factual and stick to your issue.  

Keep in mind that you are in college now and not in a kids’ summer camp. You have to act like an adult.  

Talk To Your Resident Assistants  

Just in case you have exhausted all your efforts and it seems that your roommate does not have clue, then it is about time that you include your RA in the discussion. Take note though that this should be your last resort as you wouldn’t want to cause a rift against anyone.  

If you can’t take it anymore, then you can always look for a different place to live. Being with a bad roommate might not be harmful at first. But it can take a toll on your health, studies, and life in general. If it is being too distractive and you can’t focus on your studies, then it’s about time that you pack your bags, and look for a place where you can live in peace.  

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