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DIY Dorm Makeover 

Dorm rooms are usually small and boring. But the tight space should not hinder your creativity and ability to turn your room from dull to something chic. Here are some DIY decorating ideas you can try to do a makeover in your dorm.

Turn Your Dorm Into Your Loft

Create a frame to lift your bed and turn it into a loft. By raising it, you can create space which you can then use to add a desk, sofa, or anything you like. You can then have a comfortable study area or lounging spot with more room to spare.

Your Version Of Louvre

If you are into arts, why not create your mini gallery and curate your wall. Then, decorate it with various art pieces that you love. This will show the kind of personality you have, plus it is a great talking piece for would-be visitors in your dorm room. 

Use The Space Under Your Bed

We understand that the space in your dorm rooms is very limited, and no matter what you do, you still have so many things to store. So organize your space using long storage containers under your bed to create extra space for things that you often use. For example, you can store shoes, clothes, and other daily essentials. Plus, keeping it neatly under the bed removes the clutter around the room, making it look bigger than it actually is.

Add Texture To Your Room

Some dorm rooms do not allow you to nail anything on the wall. If that is the case, then there are 3D wall stickers that look like bricks, tiles, or rocks that can add whatever texture you want for your wall. In addition, they are simple to use. Just peel off these stickers and apply them to the walls. Then, when it is finally time to leave your college dorm or just want to change the entire look of your walls, simply peel them off again. 

Geometric Cork Board Walls

Every student has a corkboard in their room. Usually, it is a place where you keep track of your deadlines and sometimes hold precious pictures of your peers. You can improve this by creating geometrically shaped cork pieces and positioning them so that you create a fantastic design on your wall.

Decorate Your Wall With Decals or Posters

Since most dorms will not allow you to put anything permanent on the wall, you can use decals or stickers to help accentuate your room. From your favorite quote to your favorite cartoon character, you are the boss of your dorm room. 

There are many printable templates available online, so you can change the theme or vibe to whatever you like. What to do if the dorm management will not allow even stickers or decals? Try using sticky tacks to decorate or personalize your walls. It will do the job without harming the walls. 

Remember, you are not limited to printable templates online. Be creative! You can decorate with your favorite movie or band posters, postcards of your travel goals, or even turn your dorm wall into your dream board. The possibilities are endless.

Have A Little Green Friend

Did you know that plants are natural air purifiers? If you are a nature-lover but are too busy to have a hike, why not bring nature into your room. 

Have a little plant on your bedside table or the windowsill. Feel free to open the window to let some air and sunshine in. It is not only good for your plant but will also improve your room ventilation.

If you want and you have enough space, you can try several small plants. The more plants you have, the cleaner the air will be. Plants can also add some color to your room and exude that calming vibe that everyone needs.

DIY dorm room makeovers are a fun and inexpensive way to personalize your space. It can take your mind off the stress from all the studying and deadlines. It can also help you feel more at home in your dorm room. Remember not to limit yourself on how you will decorate your dorm room. Be creative, feel free to experiment on different themes or designs, and never forget to ask permission from your roommate.

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