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Digital Marketing Trends, College Guide

Digital marketing plays a big role in society. It evolves alongside the changes in the internet and how we use technology today. Interestingly, digital marketing does not only directly affect our lives.  It also opens opportunities for growth as audiences continue to understand the leverage that it offers. Amplifying and delivering a strong online presence and experience has never been this exciting.

In education, colleges and universities continue to integrate technology that brings new experiences to a student’s life. They invest in technologies to create better data, make information more accessible while continuously improving user experience. As a way to adapt to today’s current world situation, more and more universities are becoming hungry for enrollment, technology platforms, and end-to-end marketing to create a seamless integration with today’s demand in learning. Automation and machine learning are just a few of the trends in digital marketing in the education center that are worth investing in.

Top  Digital Marketing Trends for the Learning Industry

Community-Based Engagement and Virtual Events

As universities transition to convenient access to education at home, they are also developing a platform to create engagement among students through virtual events. Universities are pushing program awareness and developing strategies in incorporating engagement within their student’s community – either for learning or for socialization. 

Video content and on-demand events have become an integral factor to be able to support and sustain student engagement in a post-pandemic era. Viral videos and images have become a common measure of what is good and what is bad in today’s society. Taking advantage of these platforms to generate a positive impact on your branding is an opportunity not to be missed.

Influencer Marketing and User-Generated Content

Influencer marketing has never been more popular.  It has been delivering faster returns of investments in many industries. The same is true for the education sector. Using influencer marketing as a driving force to generate audiences is one of today’s most effective digital marketing trends.

User-generated content from trusted influencers targeted to the right demographics showed an impressive increase in building credibility and brand trust. The current population is the perfect marketing mechanism that can positively influence incoming students on whom to trust, or which university is worth a second look to completing their degree.

Personalization and Personification

For a digital marketing trend to be significant and perpetual, it should offer versatility. Personalized and unique content is very crucial in digital marketing, especially with the rise of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  In learning, today’s marketing trends should be able to offer different personalized experiences, suited for what a prospective student needs – his personality, learning capacities, access to learning tools,  and other factors that affect the general learning process. 

One box does not suit all. This can be a challenge when it comes to automation and machine learning. To become more effective, personal data should be incorporated into these mediums to be able to offer the best processes and tools, suited for what a college student needs.

Privacy and Data Security

To be able to provide personalized experiences for students, gathering different types of data to create a persona that closely identifies their needs has its risks. As more people appreciate the value of personalization, there is a growing number of internet users that are becoming uncomfortable with how companies and websites are handling their personal data. 

Thus, the digital marketing industry should be able to adapt new data privacy regulations to offer secure access to their audiences. This should go hand in hand with the supplements that are incorporated for personalized experiences for a more persona-based market. It is quite challenging but extremely possible with the right online tools and security features.

The Power of Content in Digital Marketing

Even with the new trends in digital marketing, the need to have a strong anchor to supply these trends with credible information is a must. This is where content marketing comes in. Without relevant and engaging content, a digital marketing trend’s potential can be limited. User-generated content with carefully curated content is a big factor in the success of these digital marketing trends. Easy-to-consume, relatable, and multi-tasking content is leverage any digital marketing needs to reinforce their potential in the education industry and even in other niches.

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