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Designing A Logo For Your University Organization 

Your organization in the university is about to have a rebrand. And lucky you – you are tasked to work on a new logo. Congratulations! 

Well, it’s not going to be easy. And in fact, it can squeeze out all your creative juices. However, it’s also an opportunity to show the world what you’ve got. Plus, it can certainly beef up your portfolio in the future.  

If you want to reflect the best ideas on your logo, here’s the perfect post for you. We’ll share some of the best tips on how you can help rebrand an organization.  

It Must Be Eye Catching  

If you want to reintroduce your organization, it’s always good to have a logo that can shock the community. That means, it should be eye catching. The use of the right design elements and colors should be a priority. However, you need to make sure that nothing in your design is offensive. 

Take note that your logo is a representation of your organization and you should be careful that it will not be associated with anything negative 

How Do You Want Your Market To Feel? 

Your logo should also communicate your organization’s message. So when you are brainstorming a design, you need to consider the mission and vision. It’s best to create a few versions and ask other people which one gives a clearer message.  

This takes us to the next point.  

Remove Your Personal Biases  

When you design a logo for your organization, you should stay away from using your design preference. What might look aesthetically-pleasing to you might not according to the organization’s core goal. Remember that this isn’t your brand but an entire organization’s. 

With this, it’s important that you talk to the officers on their ideas. This is so you can avoid being subjective.  You can also refer to the old designs and see common elements that must stay in the new one. 

White Space Is Important Too  

If you have been doing graphic designs for quite some time, you probably know what a white space is. However, for those who are not aware of this, it’s the unmarked space between two design elements. In layman’s term, its the blank space.

This is important to create balance to your logo. If you will fill it up with other icons just to maximize the real estate, it will certainly looked cluttered.   

Choose Your Fonts Carefully  

We know it can get too exciting to use playful fonts. But that could cause confusion if you are creating a logo. As a rule of thumb, use easy-to-read fonts. And since you are doing a logo for a university organization, it might be best to stay away from styles with swirls and curls. Make it age and niche-appropriate.   

Make Sure It Is Scalable  

Another trait of a good logo design is that it is scalable. Bear in mind that the university logo might be used in different platforms. Think about utilizing it for social media posts, merchandise, and even banners. So even if you enlarge your logos, it will still look good and visually appealing.  

Do Not Rely On Colors Alone  

You might be using striking colors, and that’s good. However, to make a compelling logo design, it should also create the same visual impact when turned into black and white. This is the reason why most designers start with pencil sketch. That way, they can eliminate colors first and focus on working with other design elements.

You can use that approach too. 

Play With Upper Case And Lower Case  

Sometimes, the small details can create a huge impact. If you are to include the name of your organization in the logo, you play around with it. Try to use a combination of lower case and upper case, or go full blown with all caps.  

From there, you can see which one has more appeal.  

Should You Try Free Logo Makers? 

As much as possible, you need to stay away from this. You see, if you wish for your logo to stand out, using templates might not be a good idea.  

You can never tell which companies and other organizations have been using the same icons. If yours are similar to them, it would be hard to identify. Thereby, defies the purpose of having a logo because it can’t be your identifier. 

The bottom line is, creating a logo for your university organization will entail a long process. It will never be an overnight task. It’s a combination of art and science, and you must be willing to let go of your personal style. And if your first one gets rejected, do not take it personally. Just focus on your mission and soon enough, you’d get the perfect mix for your logo.   

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