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Decorating A College Freshman’s Dormitory 

The space you spend most of your time can influence your productivity and behavior. So if you are a college freshman who’s about to live in a dormitory, it’s practical if you decorate it properly. That way, you can be productive at school. And at the same time, be able to get the quality rest you deserve.  

In this post, we will share a number of decorating tips which you can do right away. There’s no need for major renovations. After all, we don’t think your RA will allow such.  

Install Good Lighting  

Unfortunately, many dorm rooms do not have enough good lighting. As a result, it makes the room look dull. The good news is, lights are readily available in hardware stores. Some are even using string lights to add character to their room. You can even buy a nice lamp which you can easily adjust when you are studying.  

Wall Art  

Who wants a plain boring wall? No one.

While most dormitories will not allow you to do paint jobs, you can still add a bit of art to make your room pleasant. You can print out nice photos or inspirational quotes. Others are using their old shirts and jerseys as wall decoration.  

You see, there’s no need to spend too much for wall art. You just need to be resourceful, and you are all set. 

Desk Bookshelf  

You might have your own desk in your dormitory. But the question is, will there be enough room for your books and other school supplies? If the answer is no, you can always buy your own desk bookshelf. What’s great about these things is you can even take it with you once you are done living in the dormitory. 

With this product, you can organize your stuff and your small dormitory will always look pristine.  

Bulletin Board  

A bulletin board is also a good decoration for dormitory rooms. You can post your schedules, and simple reminders for your roommate. It’s quite old school, but it works.  

If you can add a bit of personality to your bulletin board, that would be great. It’s not just a plain board, but rather a piece that could start a conversation.  

Foldable Beach Chair Or Bean Bags  

Beach chairs are comfortable and portable. Not to mention, economical too. It would be great to add a couple of chairs in your dormitory room.

You see, most college students will just stay on their beds for the entire day. And we have to say, that can cause back pains. At least with a chair, you are giving your bed a time to breathe too.  

If beach chairs aren’t your thing, you can always go for bean bags. Just imagine spending the weekend with your friends in your room, laughing and trying to forget how crazy college life is.  

Area Rugs  

You would be surprised how much area rugs can do to a room. It makes the entire space cozier, which makes it perfect if you want to relax and rest.  

Just make sure not to get white or anything that is light-colored. You see, dorm life can be pretty filthy at times. So expect that there will be spills here and there.  

Small Kitchen Appliances  

Even if you are living in a small space, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a few kitchen appliances. You can buy a personal ref and even a coffee maker. Of course, you have to ask your RA if these are allowed. If ever you already got the approval, we say go for it.  

You might think that these are just added expenses but think about the money you can save if you can make your own meals and coffee. It’s way better than spending your budget on Starbucks, isn’t it?  

Bed Lifts  

Since we all know that dormitories are small, you might not have enough space for your things. Here’s a simple technique.  

Why don’t you buy bed lifts so you can elevate your bed and use the space below for things you don’t use regularly. There are many lifts available for such cheap prices, and we honestly believe those are good investments.  

Also, don’t forget to regularly clean your dorm. Nothing beats a fresh-looking space. You will be more eager to study, work on your reports, and you can get the best possible sleep. Adding some candles and essential oils isn’t bad too. The aromatic feel can help your mood as well, so go for it.  

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