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Dating Apps for College Students, Should You Give it a Shot

You see, dating apps have been in existence for decades already. The first online dating site was registered in 1995, but it is only in 2009 that it became a big hit. Thanks to our technology that is now more advanced. Thus, millions of people are now exposed to the internet.  

They say that during college, meet as many people as you can, and go on dates. And speaking of dates, some would even urge you to use dating apps. Now the question is, should you really use it? Or will it cause more harm and good?  

Choose the Right Dating App   

There are different dating apps available. The most popular ones are Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble. It would be best if you understand how one is different from another so that you can choose the right platform based on your objectives. Do you want a companion, someone to talk to, or just a hookup? It’s really up to you.   

It’s Ideal for People with Social Anxiety   

One advantage of using dating apps is that it lessens your worries of being rejected upfront. Well, basically you don’t know if people have swiped left. And according to one user, these dating apps helped her get into the dating scene, and it was the only way she could meet people she wanted to date. Fortunately for her, she met her boyfriend on the platform.   

Using a Dating App Does Not Mean You Aren’t Serious   

The misconception of most people in dating apps is that it is only for people wanting to get laid. But we’ve seen a lot of users taking it seriously, and that’s good. They are really on the platform to look for a partner not just in bed. But of course, let’s not judge those people who have different motives. If you don’t like what they are doing, you can just ‘unmatch’.   

Go for a Traditional Coffee Date  

So, you’ve already swiped right and matched with someone. What’s next? Experts say that you should not rush things if you are looking for a more serious relationship. You can always go for a couple of coffee dates and see if your personalities can work together. If not, then no hard feelings. If yes, then go ahead and take it to another level.  

Dating Apps Are Not the Only Place to Look for Dates  

Remember this, even if the technology changes the game for dating, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out there and meet new people. Go out and approach someone. Talk to them! And even if they ignore you, what’s the worst that could happen?   

Don’t Pretend to be Someone Else   

We’re not just talking about using a different profile photo. However, we know a lot of people who use dating apps trying to portray a character far from who they really are. It might work for a few dates, but would you want to forget your real self so you can score a date?   

If you are to use a dating app, be real. Show them who you are. And when you do, you will attract the right people. They will like you for who you are and not because of the narrative you showed.   

Be Safe Always   

We’re sure you’ve heard horror stories about people meeting through dating apps. These are true accounts and should be taken seriously. And so, if you plan to meet someone, make sure to tell your friends about the details. Tell them who you are going to meet, which place you decided to go to, and what time. We recommend meeting in a public place first. In addition, don’t give your personal information like your bank account. We know these are no-brainer tips, but it wouldn’t hurt if you be reminded. Don’t give your full trust because there are a lot of scammers using dating apps to commit crimes. Don’t be the next victim.   

Also, don’t ignore your gut feel. If you believe it isn’t safe, then don’t go.   

One of our friends shared that a dating app works like a weapon. It depends on how you are going to use it. For us, you are already an adult, and you should gauge what is safe from what is not. Just know your boundaries and enjoy meeting new people. After all, we know a lot of couples who met just because they swiped right. 

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