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Dating Advice for College Students

College can be fun and could be a great time for dating. However, you need to create a balance. As we all know, heartaches can be a traitor. So if you want to date while in college, here are a few tips that could help you.  

Don’t Change To Impress Someone  

We know that it can be tempting to change a part of yourself just to impress someone. But that’s not going to work in the long run. Eventually, you will get tired of pretending and that’s where the real issue will come out.  

At the onset, you have to show your true colors. That’s the only way you can tell if you can tolerate each other.  

Some Are Just Looking For Hook Ups  

Here’s the thing. Not everyone is interested to know more about you and to date you seriously. Some are just looking for hookups. It’s always good to determine the real intention. Don’t be blinded by the gestures and be straightforward.  

If you are not on the same page, then just drop it.  

Do Not Jeopardize Your Studies  

If your partner is asking you to skip classes to watch a movie, that’s already a red flag. You must know that you are studying in college to learn. If you found a partner, that’s just a bonus, but it’s not a requirement.  

By this time, you should look for someone who’s going to support you to be successful. They should not be an instrument for your downfall.  

You Need To Manage Your Time  

Just in case you want to date during college, make sure that you efficiently know how to manage your time. Again, your studies should be your priority. Find a partner who can wait for the weekends to spend time with each other. Or better yet, if both of you are still studying, you can always have a study date.  

Don’t Expect For Fancy Dates 

Most college students don’t have a lot of extra cash. So if you are dreaming of a fancy date in a 5-star restaurant, wake up!  

Cheap dates will be a thing, and it’s not less romantic. What matters most is that you have quality time together. It doesn’t matter if you just eat a hotdog on your school grounds. In fact, these simple things are the best.   

Be Open To Changes  

The reason why we get so heartbroken is that we have high expectations from our relationships. But you know what, things are bound to change. And it is possible that your goals will be different from your partner’s.  

Do not force yourself to take a detour just so you can fit into their world. Likewise, let them be free to choose. Be open to changes because you are just starting out.  

Listen To Your Friends  

We have to be honest. Sometimes, we are just all over the moon and we don’t see red flags. But do you know who can objectively see things? These are your friends.  

If they are telling you to stay away from a person, listen to them. Most of the time, they are not there to ruin your relationship. They just want to help you. Come to think of it. They won’t get anything from it. It’s just that they are concerned about you.  

Don’t Get Pressured  

If all your friends are dating, there’s no need to rush. Again, life isn’t a race. While you are still single, just enjoy the freedom. Meet friends, go on casual dates, and just get crazy. No one says you need to have a romantic partner to pass your subjects, right?  

Improve Yourself  

While you are waiting for the perfect partner, you can use the time to improve yourself. Go to different classes, travel abroad, and try to beef up your resume. That’s way better than struggling with time just because you are dating someone.  

As we’ve said, dating in college is not necessary. You can enjoy being single, meet friends, and do a lot of activities. You are too young to be settling for ‘the one’. Don’t pressure yourself, or you’d end up falling for the wrong person.  

And seriously, would you really want to just be with one person throughout your life? The more people that you meet, the wiser you become. Use your time in college to be experimental. Believe us, you can use that once you get out of the university.  

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