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Curing A Hangover, Guide For College Students  

During college, you might be invited to a party. And when the time permits, and if you do not have urgent reports to finish, we encourage you to go. It’s a great way to make friends. Plus, you deserve to have fun too. However, what if you drank too much? How are you going to cure it?   

Drink Lots Of Water  

Before you go to bed, we recommend that you drink as many as you can. If you must know, drinking alcohol can cause dehydration. Hence, water can certainly do its wonders. If you can have a tumbler filled with water beside your bed, then that’s not a bad idea too.    

Get Pedialyte  

We understand that Pedialyte is made for kids. But it’s a great solution if you are suffering from a hangover. It is an anti-hydration and can help if you feel dizzy or cranky. It replaces lost electrolytes and comes with amazing flavors. And the best part, it will not cost you too much.    

Take Cheers Vitamins   

Are you familiar with the Cheers Vitamins? These are designed to take after drinking, and it shall decrease the negative effects of the alcohol. It can stop headache, inability to sleep, and nausea. But of course, don’t expect that this will come at a cheap price tag.  

Get a Great Breakfast   

Take note that a scientific study does not back this up, but a lot of people swear that getting bagels, cheese, and egg should do you good the day after your crazy night. The drawback though is that you might end up with an upset stomach. So, take this advice with a grain of salt.   

Eat The Right Foods   

Now, if you want effective foods to help you with your hangover, we recommend getting tomatoes, honey, bananas, or pickles. You can even make a smoothie if that is more to your liking. You can create a banana and honey smoothie and feel better after.   

Get More Sleep   

Again, if you plan to drink all night, make sure you that you do not have prior engagement the next day after. That way, you can stay in bed for as long as you want. Your body needs to rest, and you shouldn’t take it for granted. Make sure that your curtains are shut because you might experience hypersensitivity. Too much light or too much noise can easily irate you.   

Take a Nice Shower   

Taking a shower can relax your brain. However, make sure that you won’t turn your heater to a maximum or you might experience nausea.   


Before you go running, make sure that you are physically able to do so. Otherwise, you might injure yourself. But the beauty of exercising is that it releases endorphins which can help your mental ability to function normally. Remember to bring lots of water with you. Again, it’s all about hydration.   

Now that you know what to do after, of course, the best solution is to avoid getting a hangover. Here are a few tips you need to remember.   

Don’t Drink When Your Stomach Is Empty   

You’ve probably heard this before but please don’t drink without eating first. This could help in slowing down alcohol absorption. You can choose eating pasta or beans. Or if you want, you can drink a glass of milk too. Others have recommended eating olive oil as well.   

Choose Light-Colored Beverages   

If you must know, different types of alcohol can cause different types of hangovers. Generally, you should stay away from dark ones. Better to stick with white wine, gin, and vodka. But of course, you still have to drink in moderation.   

Don’t Smoke   

We know that most people would swear that drinking and smoking can be a perfect match. However, your oxygen level might decrease, and it could result in a worse hangover.   

Have A Great Time   

This might seem obvious. However, if you plan to drink, try to have a positive disposition. According to research, those who have a positive outlook experience less hangovers compared to those who are sad or depressed.   

General Tips When Drinking At A College Party   

And as a rule of thumb, make sure you know your limitations. We know that it can be fun drinking and just leaving everything behind, but you also must be a responsible adult. And ensure you are with someone whom you trust for safety reasons.   

As much as possible, don’t let anyone drive. Just get a cab or Lyft instead. That’s more logical and safer.   

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