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Common Mistakes When Applying For College

Going into college is a fun experience. It is exciting as much as it is scary. You are looking into a new chapter of your life where you become more independent and start acting more mature. With the plethora of emotions happening and things you have to accomplish, it is easy to lose track of things and commit mistakes. It may affect your college admission.

Here are some of the college application mistakes you should avoid.

Failing to Request A Recommendation Letter

It is the most common thing students forget. Often this is the last thing submitted as they tend to miss this out at the beginning of the application. No matter how excellent your credentials are, an incomplete requirement would hinder you from coming into your chosen university.

It is better that you make a request earlier and do not wait for your junior year to end. With this, you can already get this out of the way and focus more on the other tasks ahead.

Not Checking The University’s Requirements

Some students think that as long as you pass the entrance exam, you are done. But the thing is, different universities have different prerequisites that you have to comply with for you to enter. Some students forget to review this portion which makes them lose that opportunity.

The first thing you need to do before you do any transaction is to read your chosen university’s requirements. The earlier you know about these things, the more time you have to comply.

Transcripts And Test Scores Are Not Submitted

It may sound absurd that anyone will forget to submit their test score and transcript, but it does happen. When your hands are full and under pressure, it easy to overlook even the simplest things. Universities do not request for your ACT, so do not wait for them before you submit it. It is your responsibility to know what is needed and check the status of your application regularly.

Submitting A Templated Essay

Understandably, students apply at multiple universities. Therefore, there are times that they write one essay for all. But it is better if you try to add a personal touch to your essay. Keep in mind that you are not the only one trying to get into that school. 

Your essay is your chance to show the school why you deserve a spot on their campus. Write something about your real self and not something you think the colleges want to hear.

A general toned essay would make it look like you are just submitting it as a requirement. If this is what they see, they will just give the spot to someone who is more deserving and shows passion.

Forgetting To Check Emails

Today’s generation is always up to date when it comes to checking all their social media accounts. Unfortunately, this is not the same when it comes to checking emails. Universities send updates and sometimes free scholarships through emails that are often missed out on by some students.

Make it a habit to check your emails daily as it would not take five minutes of your time. Once done, you can always go back in checking your Facebook account and Instagram.

Submitting an Application Is Not The Only Requirement

Some students submit their requirements and just forget about it after. It could be for various reasons, such as they might be leaning towards another university. But what if you fail to get into that?

You submit to multiple universities so that you have more options in case your other application fails. Make sure you check the status of all your applications. It would save you from tons of headaches in the end. 

Not Diversifying Your Options

There is nothing wrong with aiming for the best universities or getting into the Ivy League. But it would help if you balance it out by applying to other schools that would still make you happy. It would give you more options to choose from.

Keep in mind that your college application is your doorstep towards a better future. It is just there in front of you, just do not forget to bring your keys.

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