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Common Mistakes of Freshmen College Students 

We are bound to make mistakes – that’s a fact.¬†However,¬†there are certain mistakes that you can just easily avoid.¬†

As a college student, you must know the common pitfalls so that you will not make the same mistakes. What are these? If you want to find out, then read the entire post.  

Follow the Health Guidelines  

If we wrote this article two years ago, we might not include this in the common mistakes for freshmen students. But since the pandemic is still a huge issue, it is best that you follow your school’s health protocols. 

If you are going to have a face-to-face class, make sure that you practice social distancing. The use of alcohol and washing your hands should be part of your routine as well. Also,¬†ensure¬†that¬†you’re¬†vaccinated, whenever it is already available.¬†¬†

Doing Everything On Your Own  

Perhaps, back in high school, you can do things on your own. If your teachers asked you to write a research paper, you can do it overnight without help from other people.  

But college is different, and the lessons are more complex. If you can get help, then you might as well take advantage of it. You can ask your professors to mentor you and to give you advice. You can even have a study group so learning concepts could be easier. Or you can get services where they could do your homework on your behalf and you can study more for your exams.  

Skipping Classes  

We understand that it’s¬†pretty exciting¬†to attend parties. After all, college life can be fun. But you need to have a balance.¬†¬†

Skipping classes just so you can meet your friends is a big mistake. While at the university, always prioritize your class schedule. Your social life could wait. Also, learn when to say no.   

Not because you are invited, you are obliged to attend a social gathering. Just choose the parties that you will attend to, and don’t forget to network. This brings us to the next point.¬†¬†

Use Your Time To Network  

As they say,¬†it’s not what you know, but who you know.¬†That’s true in most cases.¬†So¬†while you’re still in college and you have time to socialize, we recommend that you take advantage of it.¬†Once you are about to go to a party, be ready to introduce yourself. But don’t make it your sole purpose, you are in a party to have fun, and meeting new people is just a side task.¬†¬†


When you are already in the corporate setting, there is no room for procrastinating. Remember that you will have deadlines to meet. And if you are used to being a procrastinator in college, you might bring that characteristic at work. It will never do you good, and in fact it could be reason for a poor performance. As a result, it will be harder for you to go up the corporate ladder.  

Getting Used to Having an All-Nighter  

If you are always having an all-nighter to finish your¬†reports, essays, and to study for an exam, we appreciate your effort.¬†But to be honest, that’s not a good habit.¬†

The reason why you are taking up a lot of time to finish all your tasks is that you lack time management skills.  

It’s about time that you learn how to prioritize tasks and allot enough room so you can have fun. You cannot drown yourself in school¬†activities alone. Again,¬†we need to create balance.¬†¬†

Taking A Lot of Responsibilities  

Maybe you’re excited to try out a lot of things that’s why you join different clubs and organizations. Perhaps, you plan to be an officer in some of those. But you have to¬†slow down a bit.¬†¬†

Can you really take on that much? Are you capable of handling the responsibilities? If not, then you might jeopardize your studies, which of course can also affect your grades.  

Watching Too Much Movies Online  

Netflix can be addicting and we are somehow guilty of that. But if you will not control yourself, then you might be on the losing end. Apart from the lack of sleep, which could affect your health, it could also target your academic performance.  

Don’t deprive of yourself from watching. But have a schedule wherein you can watch your favorite movies or TV series. Stick to that and then try to focus on your studies once again.¬†¬†

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