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Common Dormitory Myths Debunked

If you are about to live in a dormitory all your college life, here are a few myths we have to debunk. That way, you can manage your expectations and be able to adapt easily. You see, Hollywood can sometimes exaggerate or downplay a few things about living in a dormitory. Don’t be fooled! We have the right information here for you.   

You Can Throw A Wild Party  

Again, Hollywood can be blamed here. You might be seeing a lot of movies where students throw parties in their dormitory. Looks fun. You do it in real life, and you will be in serious trouble. Generally, it’s just rude to throw such a party without the consent of the other students and even your RA. While there are certain occasions that they will allow it, doing it on a school night is just downright crazy.    

You Need To Make Your Roomie Your Best Friend   

You probably think that you have to be best friends with your roommate. But this is one of the most common myths. It is possible to have a peaceful life in a dormitory, even if you are not friends. What matters most is that you respect each other.   

The beauty of not making your roommate your best friend is that there is more ‘quiet’ time, and you can study, rest, and sleep better.   

Nevertheless, make an effort to establish a good relationship. For example, give simple gifts on special occasions or invite them for a quick snack. But as far as sharing your personal life, that’s not necessary.   

You Need To Share Your Things With Your Roommate   

In the same vein, there’s no need to share your stuff with your roommate. If they keep on using your things, you have to call their attention. That’s never acceptable unless you allow it. Make sure to have ground rules with your roommate.   

Your RA Is Mean   

Your Resident Assistant or RA is not mean. Yes, they could be strict, but that’s because it’s their job. So whenever they call you out for violating simple rules, don’t feel that they are out there to get you.   

The Bathrooms Are Filthy   

Perhaps, you think that communal bathrooms in dormitories are dirty and gross. But that’s actually far from the truth. In fact, communal bathrooms are generally clean. Of course, some would prefer en suite for privacy. But if you are the one who needs to clean it, then it can be tiring and exhausting. Imagine doing it while preparing for a long test. Not a great idea, right?   

Of course, if your dormitory has a communal bathroom, make sure you have your own toiletries and take it with you.   

Eating On Your Own Is Weird   

In high school, you might think that eating on your own can be quite awkward. But things are different in college. In fact, it’s pretty common to eat alone in your dorm’s dining hall. This is because most students do not have the same break schedules. It’s not practical if you would wait for others. Otherwise, you’d be wasting a lot of your time.   

Your Dormitory Will Never Feel Like Home   

When you are living in a dorm, you might think that it will never give you that same comfort when you are at home. But there are certain things you can do to make it feel a bit homey. For one, you can decorate it similar to your bedroom. Or, there are candles available that could remind you of your hometown.   

But before you decorate, make sure that it’s within the regulations. Don’t try to repaint it or dig holes!   

You Can’t Study In Dormitories   

Yes, you can! For some, they dedicate a small area in their rooms to work on their school obligations. They have their small desk, school supplies, and even a lamp. But if you have a limited space, then the lounge is always a good place to study.   

You Will Have A Hard Time Sleeping   

For the first few weeks, this could be true. After all, you are adjusting in a new environment. However, if you fear that you can’t sleep because of the noise, that’s not true. Most dormitories have strict regulations about noise. Also, you can bring noise reduction earplugs.   

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