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Common Challenges Sophomore Students Face 

They say first-year college students and upperclassmen years are the hardest. During your freshman days, you have to adjust to the new environment, meet new people and establish a whole new network. On the other hand, your upperclassmen years are the busiest as most of the time, you deal with major subjects and are scrambling to complete all the requirements for your graduation. So does this mean your sophomore year is the most fun time of your college life?

We can’t say that it is all fun as, just like the others, you still have to face multiple challenges during your sophomore years. It may not be as bad as what you have experienced during your freshman years, but your success would depend on how you will handle these things.

According to researchers, there is this thing that they call “Sophomore Slump.” You start to feel like two years from your graduation is far too long as the excitement of getting into college has worn off. You begin to feel the pressure to decide which career path you would like to choose, resulting in students feeling stressed, discouraged, and confused.

Now to help you combat these feelings, here are some common challenges sophomore students face. Knowing what these things are would allow you to prepare for it and not suffer the negative consequence it brings.

Pressure To Pick A Major

Your sophomore year is when you have to start thinking about the major you want to pursue. Some students find it challenging to choose the career they want to follow as they find themselves at a crossroads on whether they choose based on their own personal desire or give in to the pressure from their parents and peers.

Balancing Schoolwork And Other Extracurricular Activities

As you progress through college, things start to get busier. During your freshman years, you are given the time to adjust; hence, most subjects are just minor subjects. But come your second year, this is where things start to get interesting. 

You’ll begin to experience tackling more challenging subjects and will be given more school work to accomplish. If that is still not too much for you, then try squeezing in other extracurricular activities, and you’ll start feeling that 24 hours is not enough.

Desire For Intimacy Increases

During this time, students may feel the need to have an intimate relationship with their peers. Some might even question their lack of it. It can be stressful, especially if most of your friends are already engaging themselves in serious relationships.

Relationship At Home Starts To Decrease

Since college students spend more time at school and with their friends, come their second year, they start to feel the gap in their relationship with people from back home. Some might not even feel like going home during their breaks. 

Feeling Uncertain About Their Future

During this time, students start to question their decision to go into college. They begin to feel whether they have just wasted time and money as they are confused about the direction of their life. 

Experience A Decrease In Momentum

Many sophomore students feel that their momentum and motivation start to falter a bit during their second year. Some students begin to experience a decrease in their GPA as their accountability becomes higher, and there is now less room for any error. The adjustment period is a thing of the past; hence professors are not as lenient compared to their first year stint. 

Still Trying to Figure Out Their Place In Campus

Some students are still finding where they belong within a university. Either they cannot find the proper organization they want to join in, or they just could not find the right group that would give them the same feeling as home. This uncertainty may result in them feeling unfocused and anxious. If not addressed, it can lead to a more serious mental or psychological condition.

A student’s sophomore year is equally important as other periods in their college life. It is the time wherein they have to make life changing decisions and start becoming more mature. As a freshman, you are introduced to a life of independence. Your second year is the beginning of it.

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