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College Tips When Doing Groceries

As a college student, you might live several miles away from your family. And that means, you have more responsibilities now more than even. That includes doing your grocery shopping. Now, if you are not used to it, here are a few things you might want to consider.  

Create A Grocery List  

First of all, you should never leave your homes without your grocery list. This can help you avoid impulse buying. When you do not write the things you need, you tend to pick items even if you will not use it. To save money and time, list down the essentials.  

When it comes to food, we encourage you to stay away from junk foods. We cannot emphasize enough how it could affect both your physical and mental health. Thus, you need to be picky.  

Don’t forget your personal hygiene items and cleaning products for your dormitory.  

In addition to listing down the essentials, you must work on a budget. You shouldn’t overspend, and at the same time, you shouldn’t compromise your health. Find ways on how you can stretch your budget.  

Never Shop When You Are Hungry  

Many college students would go grocery shopping with their stomachs empty. That’s not a good idea. That can increase your urge to buy as much food as you want. And of course, that could put a dent to your budget.  

Before leaving your apartment or dormitory, eat a heavy meal first so you can focus on what you need to buy.  

Always Read The Label  

As you are now practicing to be a real adult, you should always make it a habit to read the labels. You shouldn’t just rely on the price alone. The grams and even the ingredients must be considered when buying.  

While organic products are more expensive, these are proven to be healthier. And as cliché as this may sound, health is wealth. You need to invest on quality food because you will need the right energy and mental state to finish college.  

Check Your Groceries Before Paying  

Before you even go to the line and pay for your items, you need to check if you have everything from your list. That way, you won’t have to go back because that can also incur cost. And when you go back, you might buy things which are not included in your original list. 

Divide Your Groceries  

It’s best that you try to allocate groceries per day. For example, if you bought frozen meat, you can place it in Ziploc according to your meal plan. By organizing your groceries at the onset, you do not have to spend too much time thinking of what to eat. It’s easier to prepare, and you have more time on your hands.  

Keep An Inventory  

Sometimes, it’s easy for us to forget what’s left from our groceries. In that case, you have to keep an inventory. List down the things you consumed and the things that could still last for a long time. That way, you know which would be the logical purchases.  

Know Which Items You Need To Buy In Bulk  

Most people say that you have to buy in bulk to save money. But this is not applicable for all items. For example, you can buy toiletries in bulk. But for vegetables, buying a lot might not be ideal if you are only living on your own. Use your better judgment for this.  

Take Advantage Of Coupons And Discount Cards  

As students, you are likely to enjoy student discounts on purchases. Make sure you are aware which establishments you can use the privilege. And also, you might want to download apps where you can take advantage of coupons.  

Some people are embarrassed to do this. But with the economic condition, it’s a practical approach.  

Use Your Credit Card Wisely  

Many will recommend that you do not use your credit card. However, if you are disciplined enough and you know how to use your credit card properly, it has its advantages. If you utilize it, you might even get rebates.  

Now, if you are to use it, make sure that you will pay the entire balance before the due date. Otherwise, the penalty and other fees can ruin your budget.  

Bring Your Reusable Bag  

Since we are all trying to save the world, make sure that you bring your reusable bag whenever you are going grocery shopping. Imagine the waste you can save by not asking plastic for your purchases.  

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