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College Tips to Deal with Writer’s Block

College Tips to Deal with Writer’s Block

With all the mentally challenging exams and activities in college, it is normal to experience exhaustion. And when your professors ask you to write an essay or a reaction paper, it seems that you can’t start even a word. 

That’s what you call writer’s block. And yes, it could happen to anyone, even to professional writers. However, as college students, we do not have the luxury to delay our writing like well-known authors. Our professors have already set a deadline, and it’s final! 

The question now is, how are you going to deal with writer’s block? How can you make sure that you can submit a quality essay on time? Here are a few things you can do. Some of these tips are from the pro writers themselves. 

Engage Yourself in Physical Activities  

It’s time that you do more physical activities. Most writers would like to go out and run. Maybe you can take a hike. Or if you have days to spare, then going camping over the weekend will do you good. You can also call up your friends for a friendly basketball match. Going to the gym is another great solution too. 

The objective here is to loosen your brain a bit and try to distract yourself. 

Go Outside or Write in a New Place 

When you are in the same environment for so long, your ideas become limited. We suggest that you get out of your room, go outside, and get ideas from the outdoors. Some people are just staying in coffee shops and write their piece there. It’s also effective because even chaos can give you great ideas for writing. 

If you want, you can stay at your university grounds with your pen and paper. Just scribble random ideas, and soon enough, you will be pumped up to write more. 

Just Write Anything

One of the reasons why you have writer’s block is that you are not interested in the topic. It makes it harder to compose from scratch. But to keep your gear running, start writing about anything. For example, you are eager to write about philosophy, love, or even about technology. Go ahead and type right away. From there, you can also pick a few ideas which you can include in the assigned essay. 

Talk to Your Friends 

Maybe what you need is to ignite your social life. Call up your friends and talk to them. Maybe go to the movies. Again, this is a good distraction, and your brain needs to have a rest. 

You can even ask them about their ideas about the topic. Lift the things that interest you as well. Don’t forget to write it down. 

While there are many people who are good with mental notes, it’s not 100% effective. Just get your notepad and start writing the good old fashion way. 

Take a Nap  

The more you pressure your brain, the more it can’t function properly. And so when you are having writer’s block, we also encourage you to sleep on it. Most of the time, you will wake up more energized and ready to do more research. This obviously helps you in creating an outline. 

Set your timer to 30 minutes, and that should be enough. Don’t oversleep as you might experience sleep inertia and it will be harder to get the momentum. 

Start Your Essay as Soon as Possible 

If you regularly experience writer’s block, then you need to work on your assignment right away. That will give you more time to relax and do your research. But don’t ever do your essay at the last minute. Believe us, it’s going to be mediocre, and your professors will know it right away. 

Be disciplined enough and do small steps every day. You can write a couple of paragraphs in the morning while your brain is still not tired. You would be surprised how much you’ve already written, and all you have to do is proofread it. 

Again, there’s no need to beat yourself too much if you experience writer’s block. But that doesn’t mean that you have an excuse not to write your essay. At the end of the day, it is a requirement so you can pass the course. 


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