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College Tips On How You Can Avoid Overspending

Many are guilty of overspending. Sometimes, we just don’t care. But more often than not, we are not aware of our bad spending habits. Before you know it, you are already drowning in debt, and that you can no longer pay for your regular bills.  

In this post, let’s try to find ways on how you can avoid overspending. It’s a habit you should form as early as now.  

Write Down What You Need  

Whenever you do your grocery shopping, make sure that you have a list of what you need to buy. Not having one can be fatal to your budget as you will have the tendency to just get anything. But with a list, you will be guided. Simply put, you can stay away from impulse purchases.  

Review Your Spending Behavior  

It’s probably best to sit for a while and assess your purchases over the last months. If you used your credit card in the past, then it will be easier to track it down. Take note that we discourage using your credit card from now on. This will be discussed later on. 

Now, when you already have the information at hand, evaluate which items are necessary and which ones are just a waste of money. For example, you needed to buy a book for your class. That’s valid. But for your clothes which are left unused until now, you can categorize them otherwise.  

Use Apps To Track Your Spending Habits  

If you must know, there are great apps where it could help you track your spending behavior. At least you don’t have to do it manually. Plus, you can get insights as soon as possible. From there, you can make adjustments, and hopefully, you would be able to stick to a new habit.  

Bring Your Cash, Leave Your Credit Card  

Experts suggest that whenever you go out, it’s better to bring your cash. That way, you can physically see and feel that your money is going out. The case is different with a credit card. You could be swiping it non-stop and even consider every purchase as an emergency – fashion emergency that is!  

Wait Before You Buy  

Another great technique is to wait for 48 hours before you actually purchase anything. This could give you lead time to think about it thoroughly.

For example, you want to buy a new gadget. We suggest that you don’t pay for it right away. Instead, leave the store or the online shop for a while. See if your current gadget is still in good condition. Maybe you are just tempted to replace it because of the new features. But do you really need these features? Or are you fine using the old one?  

Think Of Free Activity With Your Friends  

We understand that there are some groups who enjoy shopping with friends. That’s fine, but you have to know your limitations. If you feel that you are already overspending, then have the initiative to suggest new activities. It could be hiking, just chilling in the park or a movie marathon at your dormitory. Generally, these things are way cheaper than going crazy about new clothes or accessories.  

Learn How To Prepare Your Meal  

Most of the time, people overspend on food. It’s because they eat out or order from fast-food restaurants. Of course, there will be days that you can treat yourself to some amazing meals. But as much as you can, prepare your own food. You would realize how much you can save from doing so.  

Plus, the good thing about making your own meals is that you can control the ingredients. You can choose healthier options as that could also be beneficial for you as a college student. After all, you need to have the right energy and mental health to pass all your exams.  

Check Your Wardrobe From Time To Time 

One of the reasons why you buy new clothes is because you have totally forgotten the ones you already have. Here’s a quick trick. Every once in a while, check your closet. Evaluate if there are some things that you can sell online. At least you can make extra cash with those.  

But as college students who are about to go into the professional world, you might want to keep your blazers and smart clothes. Do you have plain ones which you can mix and match? Better invest in those rather than choosing printed pieces that you can’t repeat right away.  

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