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College Tips If You Are A Visual Learner

Are you a visual learner? Some of the signs include drawing instead of writing texts for your lectures. Or you enjoy videos and you find traditional lectures boring. When you are a visual learner, you retain information when you see it. Plus, you are probably good at the following:  

  • Spelling  
  • Grammar  
  • You can comprehend graphs  
  • You can relay complex ideas through visuals  
  • You enjoy art and even writing  

Now, you might want to use the following techniques if you wish to improve your grades.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Demonstration  

If possible, request your professors to have a demonstration of the concept that is being taught. The more than you see it, the more that you will understand it.  

Review Your Handouts  

More often than not, you will be provided with handouts. Use that to your advantage. We suggest that before you go to your class, review the materials so you can easily identify and understand the information being presented to you.  

Use White Space When Writing Lectures  

Having white space when writing down your lecture is also important. This way, your notes will not be cramped, and you can easily organize your thoughts.  

Utilize Flashcards  

Who says that flashcards are only for kids? Even if you are already studying in college, this tool can help you remember all the key concepts. You may use the next tip in creating your flash cards.  

Practice Drawing  

You don’t have to be an artist to draw.

For visual learners, it could be a great idea to draw pictures and symbols instead of 100% texts. Some are even adding colored question marks for concepts which are hard to understand.  That could be a good reminder as you go back to your notes. 

Add Charts And Graphs  

It would also be useful if you add graphs and charts on your notes. It’s a great strategy because you are understanding different concepts and placing it in one visual aid.  

Use Outlines  

If you are about to have an exam, we encourage you to write outlines instead of writing every single word. Don’t forget your headings, subheadings, and even bullet points.  

Create Your Practice Test  

Also, practice tests can be helpful too. We highly recommend that you have a study partner so each of you can make the mock exam. Challenge one another and we bet both of you can pass the subject with flying colors.  

Organize Your Notes  

One of the most effective ways to study is to organize your notes. This is especially true for visual learners. So whenever you already have a copy of your handouts, you can place it in a good binder. In fact, you might want to rewrite it again and use your own techniques in organizing the lectures.  

Use Color Codes  

For visual learners, using color codes can be extremely beneficial if you want to study your complex subjects. By this we mean using different highlighters depending on the context of your lectures. Or if you are using post-its, you can categorize topics accordingly.  

Watch Videos  

Fortunately, YouTube has a lot of educational videos even for college students. It’s not hard to search for one. And when you are watching, make sure to take down notes to retain information.  

Learn How To Create A Concept Map  

You might also want to utilize concept maps. What we love about this technique is that it’s fun to do. For example, you are currently studying literature. You can start your map with the title of the book, and it branches out to the characters, events, and so on.  

Doing a concept map is never boring. And in fact, it’s as if you are playing.  

Try To Sit In Front Of The Classroom  

For visual learners, being in front of the room is ideal. This is for you to see the gestures of your professors and even the subtle notes on the board.  

And if you want to get the best seat, it’s imperative that you go to class early.  

Remember that there are different types of learners. Perhaps, you are not understanding the concepts clearly because the teaching style of your instructor does not match your type. In that case, use the above techniques. And once done properly, we can guarantee that you can get the best grades possible.  

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