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College Tips, How To Choose The Right Bag For School

One of the things you have to invest in college is a good bag. We are not saying that you have to get the designer ones. Otherwise, you are going to cause a huge dent in your budget. However, there are lesser-known brands that are of quality. That way, you can carry the essentials and still look sleek as you finish college. If you still don’t have your criteria right now, this post will certainly help you.  

Ensure That Your Bag Has Space   

When choosing the right bag for college, it’s more than just a room for your books, notepads, and pens. You have to consider your gadgets like laptops, tablets, phones and the charger. If it is too small, it might cause scratches on your device.   

Look For Bags With Compartments   

Ideally, you have to look for bags where you can easily organize your school stuff. It should have a separate compartment for your gadget and for your traditional school supplies. That way, you can easily get your stuff whenever you need it.   

Is It Water-Resistant?   

As much as possible, get a bag that can withstand different weather conditions. You wouldn’t want to get a bag that you can only use for summer, would you? You’d end up getting new ones and that again can affect your budget.   

Go For Neutral-Colored Bags   

We suggest that you get school bags in neutral colors. These are easier to match and it will not look awful with any type of outfit you wish to wear.   

Consider Additional Security Features   

Did you know that there are bags with amazing features such as anti-theft? If you are someone who’s always on the go, then you might consider these high-tiered school bags. These might seem more costly. However, you are certainly protecting your gadgets, which we assume are more expensive.   

Don’t Underestimate Double Zippers   

It’s a simple feature of a good bag for college, but it does great things. Obviously, you can get things faster with double zippers. Now, if you get a good brand, chances are, they will give you a warranty for the zippers. Better purchase those to save some cash in the future.   

Choose Lightweight Bags   

Since college students bring a lot of things, you wouldn’t want a bag that can tremendously add to the weight. We know a lot of people who also bring their gym wear right away. Imagine if your bag is already heavy. That could eventually cause serious problems to your back. So, look for a lightweight one that can handle heavy loads.   

Padded or Comfortable Straps   

In addition, scout for bags where the straps are comfortable. This might not be an issue if you live nearby and you don’t carry your bag for a long time. But for those who need to travel, this should be part of your standards. Otherwise, you’d end up hurting your shoulders.   

Match It With Your Style   

Fortunately, there are different college bags to choose from. If you are a bit sporty, then go ahead and pick the backpacks. However, there are other stylish ones that could go well with your personality. Leather satchels are not a bad idea.   

Pick The Right Size Of The Bag   

But of course, your bag shouldn’t be just stylish. You need to make sure that you are comfortable using it. Is it proportionate to your size? This is easy to assess. If it looks odd on you, better drop it.   

Check Your Bags   

Before you use or even purchase the bag, make sure that you check the following. Or else, you would be wasting a ton of cash.   

  • First, check if there are loose stitching.   

  • Second, see if the zippers are good or a bit rough to use. Ideally, it should be seamless.   

  • Third, check for frayed fabric.   

  • Fourth, wear it and see if you are comfortable.   

Wait For Promos And Discounts   

We understand that as a university student, you have a lot of payables to think about. And so, instead of getting college bags for a full price, always wait for discounts or clearance sales. You would be surprised at how much they will drop the original price. And as for you, enjoy your new bag that can last for years. Remember, there’s no need to change school bags year after year. What matters most is that it does the job.   

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