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College Tips For the Best Alone Time

Every once in a while, you need to spend time for yourself. This is the only time you would be able to relax and clear your head from all the pressure you are getting either from school, your home, or your personal life. 

College life is more hectic compared to when you were younger. It is fun at first, but eventually, you’ll start to feel tired. The fun starts to fade away, and you get easily irritated even by small things. If this is happening to you, then you need to start some “me time.” Here are some tips you can follow to have the best alone time.

Create A Schedule With Your Roommate

Having a roommate is fun, especially if you are best buddies. But it would be nice if you both of you can have the room for yourselves even for a short time. 

Talk this over with your roommate and try to schedule it when they are busy the most. Then, do the same for them. This way, both of you can have some privacy to do whatever you want, whether it’s listening to your favorite music, calling home, or simply relaxing in your bed with no one around.

Enjoy Nature

Try walking around your campus, or in a park nearby. 

Walking is a great way to clear your mind and think about what you want to do on your campus. Not only does it allow you to process your thoughts, but it also is an excellent way to exercise. Just make sure that when you do walk around, let someone know where you are going and try to avoid places that are hard to call for help. What you are after is a relaxing time, not a stressful situation.

Look For Your “Me” Place

Another good reason why it’s nice to stroll around your campus is that you will get a chance to see places that can serve as your space area. 

Whether it is in the back of a library, or a quiet secluded spot in the park, find a place that would help you relax and ease your mind of things. This could serve as your getaway place within your campus every time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Do What You Love Doing Most

If you have a hobby that you miss doing, this is the best time to do it again. 

In college, you get too preoccupied with the things you are required to do that you don’t have the time for the things you love. It could be playing a musical instrument, painting, doing creative writing, or maybe as simple as writing on your diary. Doing these things would help energize yourself and bring back that lively spirit you once had.

Go To A Spa

Nothing beats a good relaxing day at the spa. You deserve to be pampered, so go ahead and make time for it. It allows your body and mind to settle down and just relax. It is an effective way to rejuvenate and remove all the stress and tension you have.

Go to Church

Churches are a great place wherein you can peacefully find yourself and pray. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the quiet ambiance churches have. Sometimes, staying in a church also gives you the answer to your questions as you can peacefully meditate and think about it thoroughly.

Use Your “Me Time” To Accomplish Your Tasks

“Me Time” does not necessarily mean that you have to spend the whole time alone doing nothing. You can use this time to accomplish your tasks without anyone trying to distract you. Knowing that you are able to finish a task ahead of the deadline usually eases the stress and helps you relax. 

Spending time alone is something every college student should practice. College life is busy, and it will always be. If you try and wait for that perfect timing to have the time for yourself, then you might end up not having any. 

Everybody needs to take a break. If you feel stressed right now, stop whatever you are doing and spend this time for yourself. 

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