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College Students, Guide If You Are Living In Your Car

If you are studying in college and you want to stretch your budget, you probably think of living in your own car. For some, that’s a crazy idea. However, many people are doing this already (even the non-college students) considering the condition of our economy. If you are determined to live in your vehicle, here are some of the things you need to consider.   

You Don’t Need Expensive Vans   

We bet some of you are considering letting go of your sedan and switch to bigger vans. If it wouldn’t hurt your budget, then go ahead. But if it will eat up a massive portion of your savings, then we say hold that thought for a while. As much as you want to follow the ‘van builds’ you see all over the internet, it could be expensive to do so. For now, just settle for what you have and then upgrade when you are financially stable.    

You Can Shower In The Gym   

While some people can survive not showering for days, that might not be a good idea if you need to sit down in a lecture hall together with other college students. Most probably your campus has a shower room. Use that to your advantage. Others have gym membership outside the university where they can enjoy a hot and relaxing shower. Remember, living in your car doesn’t mean you should stink.  

Also, have a gallon of water for washing your face and brushing your teeth.    

Look For A Safe Parking Space   

You can’t just park anywhere you like, that’s for sure. You need to find a secure area where no one would knock on your window in the middle of the night. Usually, Walmarts are open 24/7. Or if there are public parking spaces available near your campus, you should consider that as well.   

Sleeping During Extreme Weather Could Be A Challenge   

When you sleep in your car, it could have a number of challenges, including extreme weather. When it is too cold or too hot, it is obviously hard to sleep. And that is why there are people who invest in heaters and fans for their vehicles. But as a rule of thumb, never fall asleep while your engine is running. It could be fatal!   

Always Have A Huge Empty Container Inside Your Car   

There are instances where you need to pee during ungodly hours. Never hold it in. Instead, always have an empty container inside your car. We do understand that some people have already installed their own portable toilet made especially for camping. But if you still don’t have it, and if you are driving a smaller car, your old good empty container should do you good for now.   

Get A Blackout Fabric   

To add a bit of privacy, you can scout for inexpensive blackout fabric and place it on your car window when you need to change or to sleep. Others are more creative, and they try to cut out from used carboards.   

Purchase A Camping Stove And A Cooler   

When you live in your car, it doesn’t mean you can’t cook your own food. We recommend that you buy a camping stove instead and place it on your car’s trunk when not in use. Relying on fast food is never healthy. And ordering out can be expensive in the long run.   

Another college tip is to attend as many events as possible. Apart from having a good network, they usually provide free food. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.   

Bring Something That Will Remind You Of Your Home   

You would also want to make your car a bit homey. What we suggest is to bring something that would remind you of your home or bedroom. For example, use your old blanket or bring your favorite mug.   

Look For A Laundromat   

Thank heavens for the laundromat, you won’t need to use the same clothes every single day. These are mostly inexpensive and you can do your laundry once a week or every other week.  

Use The Public Library For WiFi   

As a college student, we understand that WiFi is important to do your research. If you don’t want to use all your data, then just visit the public library and do tons of research there. Plus, most libraries now have cozy spots for coffee. We bet you will enjoy your time there as well.    

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