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College Students Guide, How To Go Home And Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely  

We know that a lot of college students would like to go home for Thanksgiving. Well, that’s understandable considering that it’s one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. However, with the pandemic still highly uncertain, we must take extra precautions to not spread the virus. And at the same time, to fully enjoy Thanksgiving.   

That’s the reason why we decided to write a brief article on how college students can go home safely during the season. Have a quick look. We guarantee you, it’s worth it.   

Ensure That You Don’t Have Any Symptoms   

It is necessary that you take time to observe yourself. Learn what are the common symptoms of those who are infected by the coronavirus and cross-check if you have those. Ask yourself the following.   

Do you have a fever and dry cough?

Are you experiencing tiredness?

Do you feel aches and pain?

Are you suffering from a sore throat?

And have you lost your sense of taste and smell?   

Most likely, with all the news around, you know what the signs are. Again, be observant. If you think you have these symptoms, follow the health protocols right away. Better yet, postpone your plans for going home. You wouldn’t want to spread the virus, would you?   

Limit Physical Contacts Weeks Before Going Home   

If you are certain that you want to go home, we recommend that you lessen physical contact weeks before you travel. Think about this. Maybe you are following all the safety protocols, but how sure are you that other people do too? Just to be safe, don’t leave your dorms if it isn’t necessary.   

Get Yourself Tested   

In most universities, they offer testing centers for their students. You should take advantage of that before you go home. But of course, these tests aren’t 100% guaranteed and there’s no room to be complacent. After all, anyone could get infected on the way home. As always, wear your mask, and bring your sanitizers all the time.   

Traveling By Private Car   

If possible, avoid public transportation. For those with a family car, better arrange a pickup day and time. Or if your friends plan to ride in one vehicle, you should still wear your mask. If the weather isn’t too cold, we recommend that you open your windows from time to time. In addition, use the outside air if you plan to turn on your heater or air-conditioner.   

Traveling By Public Transportation   

On the other hand, if you do not have a choice but to take public transportation, take extra precautions. Again, wear your masks all the time, wash your hands as frequently as possible, find near-empty seats, and stay away from crowded places.  

Quickly Take a Shower   

Once you reach your destination or your home, avoid having close contact with your family members or friends. We know that this could be hard, but we need to adapt. Go straight to the shower and clean up. Your family could even prepare your towels and other essentials beforehand. That way, you won’t need to walk from one room to another. Just so you know, these simple actions can stop or spread the virus. If you have multiple bathrooms in your house, ask your family to dedicate one just for you in the meantime.   

Isolate Yourself For A Couple Of Days   

While it is tempting to be with your loved ones, do self-quarantine for a couple of days. If there are no symptoms and everything looks and feels normal, then you can already change your routine little by little.  

Now, if more than one student is coming home from different universities, avoid placing them in one room for self-quarantine. Think about this. One could be infected while others are perfectly healthy. In that case, you are unintentionally spreading the virus.   

Disinfect Your Home   

And once your isolation is over, make it a habit to clean and disinfect your home. If you can invest in a great air purifier, then go ahead and purchase it.   

Celebrate Outdoors   

If you have a decent-sized backyard, you can hold your celebrations outdoors. But if this isn’t possible, just make sure to open your windows or turn on your exhaust fans. Get your own serving spoon and yes – don’t share your food.   

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