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College Student Guide, How Can You Help The Environment

As college students, we all have our responsibilities to our environment. It is high time for us to change our ways and to be more cautious about our surroundings. And even if we are not an influencer or someone who can literally change the world, we can do our own part and use our simple ways to change the course of things. And that is why we are writing this article so that you, as a college student, can help the environment. It is our duty and we have to start as early as now.  

Learn How To Recycle Your Old Test Papers   

Do you still have your old test papers with you? Instead of throwing those straight into the trash, why don’t you recycle it? For example, you can use the clear pages for scratch papers. It could be your instant notepad. Or perhaps create a paper mache project. Release your creativity, and at the same time – save the world.  

Bring A Water Tumbler Everywhere You Go   

It is also ideal that you bring your water tumbler with you instead of just buying a single-use plastic bottled water every time you go out. Imagine the trash that you are contributing if you do this every day.   

Fortunately, there are a lot of amazing and functional water tumblers available online and offline. It’s a good investment.  

And if you wish to give someone a present this holiday season, then perhaps giving them a water bottle or water tumbler should do them well.  

Use Your Bike Or Walk   

Instead of driving your own car or healing a cab. Why don’t you try riding a bicycle, or at least walk. You would be surprised at the distance that you can cover on foot.  

Remember, when you drive your car or you take your public transportation, there is a lot of carbon footprint that you’re making. But with riding the bike and walking, it could be eliminated.   

Be Conscious About The Products You Buy   

You can also help our environment by being more cautious about your choices. For example, you have to check the labels. See if they are using sustainable packaging or processes in order to create the final products. These simple things could create a massive difference if everyone on this planet will do the same.  

This also goes for your food choice. Instead of buying food products that are manufactured or done overseas, why don’t you support local food products? With this, you are supporting the local economy and at the same time, decreasing the carbon footprint on massive scale. The reason being is because they don’t have to ship the products and lesser fuel will be used globally.   

Buy Old Books   

Another amazing trick when in college is to buy old books. Since secondhand books are cheaper, you are saving money. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This practice saves a lot of our trees.  

Secondhand books are available practically everywhere. Even some of your dormmates could be selling their old ones. Or if you don’t know anyone from your university, a quick search online could help you.  

Use LED Bulbs   

If you wish for quality lighting in your dormitory yet, you want to save the world, then you can use LED bulbs. These are more expensive than the traditional ones, but it is more energy-efficient and at the same time it could last for a longer time.  You are saving a lot of resources just by purchasing a LED light. 

Go Paperless   

If there are things which you don’t need to write on paper, then don’t. If you will notice, a lot of college students are using laptops and tablets to study. If possible, and if you are used to it, you can just write down your notes using these devices. If it isn’t necessary to print handouts and other materials, then avoid doing so.  

Pick Up The Trash  

And lastly, make it a habit to pick up the trash. It’s not hard to do but some people are just too lazy to do it. Be a good example and it should be contagious.  

The bottom line is, you need to be cautious with your choices. It will go a long way, most especially if you are consistent. We need to make that change, and we have to do it as soon as possible. 

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