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College Guide When Finding the Right Company for Internship

As a college student, it is critical that you look for an internship that can mold you and provide you leverage once you step out of the university. It shouldn’t be just a random business or corporation you chose just because it’s the first company to call you up. And so, before you enter any contract for an internship, here are some of the things you need to consider.   

Search as Early as Possible  

First of all, you have to scout for potential companies where you can have your intern. And you have to do it as early as possible. Create a list and write down your objectives. And to know how you can gauge which one is the best company or team, continue reading this post.   

Identify the Industry You Want to Work In The Future   

Obviously, you need to target companies in an industry related to your degree. That way, you can apply the principles and theories to the operations. As much as possible, do not be blinded by how huge the company is. Understand what their core business is and see if it fits the course you are taking.   

Research About the Company’s Reputation   

When looking for a place to have your internship, it is a must that you dig deeper about the company’s reputation. This is not hard to do because a quick search online can give you a lot of answers. But you have to be careful. Not everything that you see online is true. Learn to screen which is real from the not, and validate your sources.   

Location of the Company   

Another factor that you must¬†look into¬†is the location of the business. Perhaps it‚Äôs the ‚Äėideal‚Äô one in terms of industry and scope of work, but you also¬†have to¬†think about the proximity. Is it near your home, or do you have to spend hours just to get there?¬†¬†¬†

Remember, having an internship will entail costs. You also have to work on your budget. Look around the place and see if there are affordable restaurants where you can have your meals. But of course, preparing your own food will always be the best option.   

Big Companies vs. Startups  

Many people would target bigger companies as they believe it will look good on their CVs. While that can be true on some levels, remember that startups are good places to practice your knowledge as well. In these small companies, you will be given more liberty to work on your own and to experience how it is to work for real.   

Working Environment   

Perhaps, you‚Äôve heard a lot of ‚Äėhorror‚Äô stories about the corporate culture. To be honest, some companies can be ruthless, and it can manifest on their employees‚Äô behavior. Again, doing your research will have its own merit. Most people nowadays are very vocal when it comes to their experiences at work. You can check websites such as Glassdoor if you want quick answers.¬†¬†¬†

Paid vs. Free Internship   

Obviously, paid internship looks more appealing, and if given the perfect conditions, you should choose this option. However, it is not always the case. Not everything is about money. You must take into consideration all the learnings and skills you’d get from the company. Use your judgment and go back to your objective.   

Get to Know Your Supervisor   

We couldn’t emphasize this enough, but you have to do your research as extensively as you can. If possible, check who will supervise the interns. Visit their LinkedIn account, or ask your network about their experience. If you belong to an organization, look for upperclassmen who took their intern in the company you are eyeing for. Ask as many questions as you can and gauge if it will work best for you.   

Review the Specific Job Description   

When you are looking for an internship, treat it as if you are applying for a real job. Look at the scope of work and see if it fits your qualifications.   

As much as you want to find the perfect company, you should also think about your skillset. Apart from the learnings you can get from there, are you willing to contribute as well?   

Keep this in mind when you are looking for an internship. Make sure that you are not accepting an offer just because your peers are already there. Use this time to be on your own, and to be away from your peers. Reinvent yourself and be your best version.   

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