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College Guide, What Not To Do When Preparing For an Exam

We’ve seen thousands of articles sharing what you need to do to prepare for an exam. That’s great! And we hope you’ve read it. However, it is also crucial that you know the things you have to stay away from so you can ace your tests. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of the don’ts, which are all anchored in our experience. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two and apply it when you are studying.   

Don’t Panic  

First of all, try not to panic. We understand that the lessons could be overwhelming, but panicking won’t help. Try to have deep breaths and learn to meditate. Once you are calm, you should take one step at a time. List down the things you need to focus on and the subjects you have to study harder. If you write your thoughts down, you tend to be more organized, and you can have a better strategy for studying.   

Try Not to Cram   

Many people are guilty about this, and we don’t recommend cramming in most cases. It is essential that you have a regular study habit every day. This doesn’t have to be intense or should take long hours. But you can always review your notes before you sleep or during your study breaks. Repetition is the key.   

When you do this technique, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights during your exam week. This has its benefits and we will explain it further in our next point.  

Don’t Sleep Less   

When you cram, you naturally try to stay up the whole night so you can finish reading your lectures. Yes, you can drink all the coffee you like to stay up. However, ask yourself what happens if the caffeine wears off? It will be harder for you to focus during the exam, and you will feel sleepy.   

So yes, we recommend that you get a nice relaxing sleep the night before your exam. But again, this is only possible if you don’t cram.   

Don’t Try to Understand Every Little Concept   

There is no need for you to study all the littlest details of the lectures. Chances are, you will get overwhelmed. Instead, try to focus on the more significant concepts and work your way from there. Likewise, don’t focus on one subject unless you are sure you can ace the others. Make sure that you give each course ample time so you can get good grades across all subjects.   

Don’t Skimp Practice Exams   

It’s always good to have practice exams. If you have a study group, you can ask each of your groupmates to create their own mock test papers that you would answer. Answering practice exams can lessen your tension during the actual examination day. It gives you that confidence, and the chances of getting a good score will be higher.   

Don’t Study for Long Hours – Straight   

Remember, your brain needs to rest as well. So, whenever you want to get the best out of your study session, make sure that you take study breaks. During these breaks, you can always go for a walk, talk to your friends, prepare healthy snacks, or even have a relaxing shower. Just take your mind off your subjects for a few minutes before going back. Trust us, this will improve your focus.   

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Help   

If you don’t have a study partner or a study group, why? Or if you are having a hard time with some of your subjects, then why are you not seeking for a tutor? You see, there’s nothing to be embarrassed if you need help. College is a hard level, and you should get as much help as you can. Plus, studying with other people can be fun too.   

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others   

Another thing that you have to avoid before your actual exam is to compare what you’ve learned with others. Perhaps, you will hear your classmates asking these questions which you didn’t study. Try to ignore it. Otherwise, you will get tensed, and that could result in having mental blocks. Just focus on what you’ve learned. Do your best. And hope for the best.   

Just in case you failed an exam, even if you followed these tips, don’t get discouraged. Failing is indeed a part of life and what matters most is how you are going to pick yourself after. Ask your professors if you can get extra credit, or just do well on your other requirements. Dwelling on your exam after you’ve already taken it will do you no good.   

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