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College Guide To Get Along With Your Professors 

Ask any college student, and all will say that they would rather be on the good side of their professor rather than the other way around. Being on good terms with your professor would help you coast through college easier. Here are some tips on how you can get along with your professors.

Always Come Prepared

Make sure that before going into class, everything is prepared. Bring a notebook, pen, laptop, or tablet, whatever you need to be productive in class. Prepare for your classroom discussion by reading and participating actively. 

Do Not Skip Your Class

If you want to know your professor, then you have to go to class. It is hard to build a relationship with your professor if you’re not there. It also ensures that you don’t miss essential topics in the syllabus and also important dates such as deadlines, meeting times, and more. Professors communicate everything in class and don’t like to cover the same information multiple times to account for those who didn’t come to class.

Make Use Of Your Professor’s Office Time

Take advantage of office hours. Professors have this time set to meet with students to assist them and give advice. Ask prior to going. It’s also an excellent time to introduce yourself to your professor so you can get to know each other—it is always good to have the professor know who you are.

Contact Them By Creating Professional Emails

If securing a meet-up schedule is not possible, you can always write professional emails. Start your email by addressing them with their title, either Dr. or Professor, and then identify yourself and what class you’re in. Then briefly state your question and go straight to the point. 

Inform Your Professor About Your Whereabouts

There would come a time that unexpected things happen and you can’t avoid missing a class. If this happens, it is good to inform your professor in advance either through email or their contact number. Most professors understand unexpected life events and illness as long as you don’t take advantage of them.

Avoid Being Tardy

As much as possible, avoid being late. Professors do not like it when their students are late for class as it disrupts the ongoing lecture. If you can not avoid it, try entering the room as unobtrusively as possible, then explain your reason to the professor after class.

Avoid Making Up Stories

When trying to build a relationship with your professor, you should gain their trust and vice versa. If you want to establish this, then whatever the situation may be, do not lie. Things would only get worse by lying. It’s best to deal with the situation like a professional adult.

Be Polite When Asking Questions

Professors appreciate it if a student actively participates in class. They encourage their students to ask questions and voice their opinions regarding their lesson. They prefer this rather than them doing all the talking. But make sure that you do it courteously. If they have mentioned something you disagree with, then wait after class and talk to them about it. It is better than calling them out for their mistakes and embarrassing them in front of the course.

Talk To Them About Your Concerns

If you have any concerns with your professor over a grade or any course material, wait until you are calm before trying to talk to them or sending an email. Once you are composed, try to be specific about your concerns and questions. Professors do not get upset because you have confronted them, but rather it is based on the manner you did.

Keep Things Professional

As a student, you also need to draw the line between being friends with your professor and having a professional relationship with them. A professor would like to be treated normally outside class, but you still need to give them the respect that someone with authority deserves. Do not treat them as your buddy during your classroom session.

Trying to get along with your professors is not a guarantee that you will pass the course. Remember, you still need to study and perform. But having a professional relationship with them is a sure way to build a good network that can help you achieve your future goals.

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