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College Guide To Avoid Being Friend Zoned

Imagine –  you are trying to do everything to get close to her. You are just waiting for the right moment to tell her how much you like her. But all of a sudden, she dropped the bomb. She thanks you for being a good brother to her. 

This is the one place that every guy doesn’t want to get into, the “Friend Zone.” 

Being in the friend zone can be described as close to being rejected. Yes, the girl of your dreams treats you as the brother she never had, but you don’t want to become her brother. You want to be more than that. But, worry no more as here are some tips on how you can avoid being friend-zoned.

What Is A Friend Zone?

It is the girl’s comfort zone towards the opposite sex. It is a place where they could just hang around and talk about anything under the sun. This is not the same case for guys. For them, a friend zone is a place of no return where dreams and hopes are shattered.

Why Do Guys Fall Into This Zone?

The answer here is very simple. It is because he acts like a friend. A friend is someone that you could rely on. Someone that you can share your feelings with. 

This is a common mistake guys make. He shows the girl that he is there for her but is not letting her know that he has a romantic feeling towards her. 

So what do you need to do to avoid this?

Stop Being “Too” Close

When getting to know a girl, make sure that you get close enough to know her better but not too close that she would think that you are one of her “girlfriends.” Being too friendly might send her the wrong impression that you are just there for her as a company and nothing more. 

Not Showing Your Real Intention

When you have these feelings towards a certain someone, make sure that she understands your motives. Try to build a chemistry around it. 

If you are scared that she might become defensive, you can try making subtle actions that would show that you are interested in becoming more than her friend.  

Stop Thinking That You Are Not On The Same League

Some guys think that the closest they could ever get to being with their crush is by becoming her friend. You need to avoid this mindset as this is the recipe for being in the friend zone. 

Did you know that every guy has an equal chance towards a girl? How? Each girl has their own version of the ideal guy. One differs from the other. 

Now, at first, you don’t know what their ideal guy is – other guys don’t too. This means until you find out what she prefers in a guy, then all of you are on the same playing field. If you position yourself as her friend, then that is the time you lose your chance.

Avoid Talking To Her Around Her Peers

Stop being with her when she is with her friends. If you try going out with them, you are associating yourself just like them. Instead, try to find time alone with her. Make sure to turn on your charm to impress her. Let her know that you want to spend quality time with her with just the two of you.

Don’t Be Shy To Compliment Her

Some guys are just too shy to tell how pretty their crush is. Do not. Girls like it when they are complimented. 

Imagine they are taking hours to prepare and make themselves look pretty. By complimenting her, you are acknowledging all her efforts as well. This is a plus one for you.

Stop Being A Doormat

All girls want a guy that can protect them and treat them as their queen. But to treat her like that, it does not mean that you have to follow everything she says and absorb everything she does to you. 

You have to stand your ground as well. Show her that you are not a pushover but a knight in shining armor, ready to rescue her when she needs it.

Don’t Be Scared To Touch Her

When we say touch, we mean in a respectful way. 

Hold her hand while crossing the street or going down the steps. Open doors for her, pull the chair, make her feel special. Treat her as if she is your girlfriend but not in a scary kind of way. There is a line between being a gentleman and being a maniac.

Once all is said and done, the only thing you need to do is tell her how you feel. You might be rejected, but at least that is better than becoming her friend that never got the chance to express his feelings. 

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