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College Guide If You Are Studying in India

India is one of the culturally rich and diverse countries to explore in Asia. It is home to plenty of great universities and a place where you can experience a lot of unique adventures. The country is a great destination for international students, with hundreds of languages to learn and plenty of great places to see.

India is also home to plenty of colleges and universities that are considered to be the best training ground for students seeking to secure a job in multinational companies. India is second to China for being the top countries in the world where international students choose to study.

If you are interested in entering an Indian University or currently enrolled in an exchange student program in the country, here are some useful advice you can follow to make the most out of your experience as a student and a person in this beautiful destination.

Survival Guide for International Students Studying in India

Are you ready to explore India?

Prepare for a Culture Shock

India has a very colorful and unique culture. If it is your first time to go to the country, you should prepare for a culture shock, or acquaint yourself earlier to avoid it. The festivities are equally colorful but can be quite strange as well. Eating with hands and mysterious handshakes can get you off guard as well. 

Women wear colorful masks, rituals are plenty and pierced backs by Hindu devotees are just a few of the things to anticipate in the country. It would be best to read about the country before moving in. With a very deep and exceptionally strange, but interesting culture, you have plenty of things to adjust and prepare yourself for.

Dress Modestly 

India is a conservative country. Women are very modest in the clothes that they wear compared to men. Exposing too much skin can draw unwanted attention and can be treated as a disrespect to their culture. Attending class with appropriate clothes is also a good place to start to get the good side of your professors and your local peers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to try out Indian clothes to be able to blend in with the rest of the students and the populace. Be sure to read about appropriate dress codes before jumping into a traditional Indian dress. It is a part of the Indian culture that should be treated with respect as well.

Bring in A Lot of Patience

India is a developing country. It has unbearable traffic, humid and hot weather and facilities may not be as high-end as the ones that you had at home. The language can also be a challenge because there are plenty of unique dialects in the area. 

Getting around the area can also be challenging. Most public transportation is crowded and public areas can be packed with people. The best option you should consider is to live near the campus to remove all your worries about transportation. Having a local that can help you get around the area and to introduce you to the local culture can also help you adjust and adapt faster.

Learn About Campus Culture

Campus culture can be different from the one you used to have at home. The time you do not spend attending your classes is your time to learn and be familiar around campus. You can observe the crowd and may learn a thing or two about how things work in the area.

Take this time as an opportunity to meet people from your class or from other departments. It may feel awkward to be a foreign student, but meeting new friends helps you blend in faster. Plus, you get to learn the practices easily. 

India, One of the Best Places to Get Quality Education

There are plenty of learning opportunities that can be taken advantage of in India. It offers cheaper exchange student programs without compromising the quality of education an international student can enjoy. It is one of the most beautiful places in Asia, with a colorful history and a unique culture to discover.

On top of learning in school, life lessons can be very abundant in the country. It is also an ideal opportunity to explore the beauty and culture India offers. Know the locals, visit the tourist destinations, and experience life. We’re sure, you’d go back to your country as a person with a better perspective in life. 

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