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College Guide for Riding Bikes for School

As more people are now conscious about our environment, you can already see the shift in terms of life choices. For example, instead of riding cars, people are getting bikes as a mode of transportation. That’s great because you lessen your carbon footprint, and at the same time, you stay healthy.  

Now, for college students, this could be a great idea. We all know how exhausting studying is. And that’s the reason why a lot of university students do not have the time to exercise. However, by getting your own bike, you are still able to literally flex muscles.  

Sounds like the perfect plan, isn’t it? But of course, you should never forget about your safety when riding bikes to school. We know you are already familiar with these. But it would hurt if we give you a few reminders.  

Don’t Forget Your Essentials  

Whenever you go out, most especially using your bike, you should never forget to bring the following:  

  • Phone  

  • Cash  

  • IDs  

  • Water 

This might seem like a no-brainer but let’s admit it, we sometimes forget these things. Now, while some of you might think that it’s not harmful to leave these items at home, think about if you encountered emergencies. What if you got into an accident? What if you need to call someone up? So before you leave, check if you have these with you.  

And don’t forget your water. You must always hydrate yourself.  

Repair Tools  

If you will use your bike on a regular basis, you must learn the basic troubleshooting. Plus, invest on repair tools which you can bring easily. Of course, get the compact ones so it will not take up so much space. Learning how to repair your bike should be easy. There are a lot of free online resources, and you can begin with that.  

Bring Extra Clothes 

If you are biking for short distances, you won’t probably be sweating too much. But, we still recommend that you have an extra shirt with you, or at least have a small towel where you can dry yourself before class.  

Bike Early  

You wouldn’t want to rush yourself every day while biking. In that case, make sure that you have enough time to go to school. Have a dry run before the school year starts and assess how many minutes will it take you to bike from your dorm to your campus. Give yourself at least extra ten minutes so you can still freshen up.  

Wear Your Helmet  

And lastly, don’t forget your helmet even if you won’t bike for long distances. Remember, accidents happen, and these are not just velocity-related ones. Even if you ride slowly or for short periods of time, you can get into an accident, so it’s better to be safe. Just imagine the money you’d lose and classes you’d miss. It’s going to be hard to catch up.  

Get Your Bike Checked Regularly  

Look for a nearby bike shop and have your bike checked. Check the air, the brakes, the gears, the chain, even the bolts and everything in between. This can make your everyday travel safer. Plus, you get to avoid huge repair costs.  

Know the Safe Roads to Bike  

Since we’re already talking about safety, you should learn the best route. We’re not just talking about the paved and shortest roads. Of course, you need to check the entire neighborhood if it is safe to pass through every day.  

Get a Pannier  

Most college students place all their things in their backpacks as they bike. That’s good for starters. But you have to remember that doing so can make you even more sweaty. The best solution is to get a quality pannier so you can store your notes or books. Some are even using baskets which give your bike its own personality.  

Know the Basic Traffic Rules  

In most cases, you will have to share the road with cars and motorbikes. Thus, it is important that you understand the traffic rules. There are also hand signals for bike riders, and you must learn these before you brave the streets.  

Check Your Parking Options  

And lastly, check with your school where you can safely park your bike. Don’t forget to lock your bike and secure the wheels and frames. If there are accessories which can be easily removed, we suggest that you take it with you. 

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