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College Guide for Getting Extra Credits From Your Professors

If you think that your grades are not satisfactory, then you might want to resort to asking your professors for extra credit. Some of them will allow it for several reasons. For one, these professors think that giving extra work can lessen the student’s anxiety and can build their confidence. Also, they understand that some people cannot get the lecture the first time. Giving projects can help them understand the past lessons further. 

In this post, we will share some of the things you can do if you want to ask for extra credit. 

Be Participative in Class Discussions 

To get extra credit, you must show your professor that you are interested in the subject. It will be harder to give you additional projects or assignments if they notice that you are inactive even at the onset. 

If you cannot understand the lessons, you can always ask questions or clarifications during the class. That’s better than leaving the room confused and not knowing anything. 

Here’s a warning though. Many students become more relaxed once they found out that a professor gives extra credit. For them, they do not have to exert effort in studying, because all they have to do is to request for additional tasks. But that should not be the case. You should not abuse it and only ask for extra credits if it is indeed, necessary. 

Maximize Your Professor’s Office Hours

More often than not, your professors or teaching assistants will share with you their ‘office hours.’ These are the times where you can meet with them and discuss lessons or other materials related to the subject.

Take advantage of this. Again, show them that you are highly engaged in the course, but you need a bit of help. Honesty can go a long way, and who knows if you will be provided with more straightforward strategies and techniques in class.

Before you ask for tasks to get additional credits, you must establish good relationships with your professors. And what better way to do that than to walk the extra mile and meet them outside of their regular teaching hours. 

Suggest Creative Ideas to Get Extra Credit

If you plan to approach your professor for extra credit, do so with conviction. Trust us, they could sense if you are eager to take the extra mile just to get good grades. 

Instead of asking what you can do, you can suggest interesting activities that you can work on. Of course, set your boundaries as well. Do not overpromise! 

Ask a Month Before They Post Your Grades 

Most students will just talk to their professors for extra credit, days before the finals exam, or before your grades are posted. This leaves you with no room to work on a grand project. 

Ideally, you have to speak to your professors a month in advance. That way, you can prepare and, at the same time, have lesser worries if you will produce quality output. 

Apologize If Necessary 

Humility, like honesty, goes a long way. You need to be humble when you ask your professors or instructors for extra credit. If they asked you the reason, share them the truth. If you are having a hard time managing your time as you also work, tell it. If you believe that the lessons are too much for you, be honest. Most likely, the professors will also give you life advice that you can use to manage your time more efficiently. 

Write an Email to Discuss Your Intent

Other students write an email to their professors requesting if they can get extra credit. This is a good strategy, so they will not be surprised if you approach them during office hours. Plus, if you have outstanding writing skills, you might impress them, and who knows if you will be given a chance.  

Take note though that not all professors will allow you to get extra credits. In such cases, you have to be respectful. The safest way to get decent grades, and as cliché as this may sound, is to start your year right. Attend your classes, submit your reports on time, and try to do well on your exam. 

If you are having a hard time studying, you can always look for a study group or tutor. There’s no need to feel embarrassed if you think you need help. Always remember that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. A subject that is easy for others might be challenging for you and vice versa. 

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