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College Guide For A Budget-Friendly Date

College life is not just about studying. It also involves meeting new people. Most likely, you will meet someone that you like to go out with. But as a college student, it means that a hefty budget is not on your side; therefore, thinking of how to date can be challenging.

Fortunately, dating on a budget is not impossible, and some of it can even be free. Here is a list of ideas you could try for a budget-friendly date.

Check Your Budget

Before you even embark on going out for a date, make sure that you check your budget and see just how much you can afford to spend. Do not try to impress your date with something that you cannot afford. It is better that you are honest with them. If they are willing to go out on a date with you even with a tight budget, you know that they are not into material things, which is a good sign. eh

Pre-Book In Advance

If you plan to go out to a movie theater or a place where tickets are required, try to book your tickets in advance. Usually, you can get it at a cheaper rate when you book early. Also, if possible, try booking during nonpeak hours as this costs less than when there are more people.

Watch The Sunset Or Sunrise Together.

What can be more romantic than watching the sunrise or sunset? It is short, sweet, and intimate. Perfect if you want to build a good mood. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that makes the heart melt.

Set Up Your Dorm For A Nice Dinner Date

You don’t need to go to a posh restaurant to have a fancy dinner. You just have to use your imagination, and a little help from your friends would be excellent too. You can set it up to whatever theme you wish, such as a candlelight dinner complete with piano music in the background. Another good thing about doing it privately is that you don’t have to worry about the hefty bill restaurants charge.

Support Your School Team Together

Well, this applies when you both go to the same school or support the same team; otherwise, you might end up cheering separately at both ends of the court. It is also a good ice breaker. Since it is a casual date, you can skip that awkward moment usually encountered on first dates. 

If your date is not into sports, this is your chance to educate them about your love for it. Who knows, they might find interest in it too. 

Thank Netflix

Another good way to spend your date is to get cozied on the couch and sharing your favorite movies. Try to have a game in between on who’s film would be played. It’s cheap, plus you don’t have to worry about going in line at the theaters. Complete the experience with popcorn or your favorite snack of choice. You can even try doing a tv series marathon if you are both up to it.

Cook Something Together

They say cooking is the way to a man’s heart, but this goes for everyone. Try doing every step together, from finding a recipe, buying the ingredients, preparing, and cooking. It is an excellent way to create a bond, plus you get to learn new things together.

Go Stargazing

There is something about looking at the stars that feels romantic. Try to find a place where there is minimal light pollution so you could appreciate the view better. It is also an excellent time to have a deep conversation that can help you get to know each other better. Oh, and do not forget about the blankets.

Do An Outdoor Activity 

A date does not always have to be eating or having intimate moments. For a change, try doing an outdoor activity together. You can go biking, running or hiking, whatever suits your interest. Not only would you be able to have a unique dating experience, but also both of you can stay healthy and fit.

Going on a date does not have to be expensive. A date is your opportunity to get to know that special someone better and see if you match. Do not stress yourself on what to do on your date. Just be yourself and let the natural course take over.

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