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College Bullies Still Exist, Who Are They?

There are many faces of bullying. It can range from peer pressure and can escalate to worst-case scenarios like physical harm and hazing. All of these, regardless of how harsh or how simple they may seem, are bad. They can cause emotional trauma and psychological issues to the person on the receiving end of the abuse and violence. Although the cure for bullying is quite simple, it is a dilemma for most students, even during their college and young adult life.

Bullying In College And Universities

A lot of people associate bullying with younger children. However, anyone can be a victim of bullying, regardless of age or where they are in their lives now. Even adults can experience bullying in their homes and jobs. 

Bullying in college is a real issue. Young adults can be targets of demeaning behaviors and malicious intents from their teachers, friends, colleagues, and classmates. It can even be more challenging and harder to address at the college level.

Peer Pressure And Bullying

Pressure for your peers, either from an individual or a group can influence how you behave, think and act. Most people who are trying to fit in often succumb to peer pressure to be able to feel accepted. Being forced to skip class, buy expensive clothes, go to parties, smoke, skip class and the like are some of the negative results of peer pressure.

There is nothing wrong with trying to fit in. However, if you are starting to do things that make you feel bad, due to the pressure the people around you are putting you into, it is considered bullying. 

Try to find friends that will accept you for who you are – together with the pros and flaws that come with the whole package. If people are trying to get you to do something, a thing you are not comfortable with or may put you in danger, you might have to find friendship and acceptance from someone or somewhere else.

The Many Faces Of College Bullies You Should Avoid

There are many types of bullies. Even the ones you consider friends can be your bullies, without you realizing it. Here are some of the most common faces of bullying that you should avoid and should be addressed on college campuses.

Verbal Bullying

Spoken or written words that bring emotional distress to someone is a form of bullying. Name-calling, laughing and making fun of someone’s appearance, threats, insults and words that encourage someone to take their own life are just a few of the verbal abuse anyone can experience. They can be simple, some severe. What makes them unbearable is the constant verbal abuse that one receives from his bullies.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying often involves violence and physically hurting someone just for the fun of it. This can be as simple as tossing a paper towards a person or as severe as pushing someone on a busy highway. This type of bullying is very alarming. There is no telling on how severe bullies can be in terms of inflicting harm to their victims. In some severe cases, the pushing, hitting and kicking can eventually lead to someone getting seriously hurt, or worse, dead due to physical violence.

Cyber Bullying

Any type of abuse that takes place online is considered cyberbullying. You will be quite surprised with the extent of bullying one can do with the aid of technology. Social media bullying alone can damage the reputation of the one being bullied. Sharing photos, videos, spreading rumors, and creating a hostile environment online are examples of cyberbullying. 

The impacts of such type of bullying are instant, knowing that most students are hooked with their social media accounts and generally with technology. Although cyberbullying is punishable by law, the anonymity that comes with using technology can oftentimes make it difficult to identify these bullies.

Addressing bullies can be difficult. However, if you fail to speak out, you will find yourself alone in the dilemma. Seek help from teachers, mentors, professors, and your parents the moment you feel that you are being abused and bullied. Although it may be hard to stand up against a bully, you can never get out of such situations unless you make the first move. 

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