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Choosing The Right Essential Oil Diffusers For College Students

If you are not hiding under the rock, then you probably know that people all over the globe are crazy about essential oils. And because of that, there’s also a huge demand for diffusers. If you want to enjoy its benefits, you have to choose the right product.  

But with the several options in the market today, how can you know which one is the best? For college students living in a dormitory, here are some of our tips for you. 

Don’t Buy Based On Cost  

First of all, you should never base your decisions on cost alone. The most expensive diffusers for your dorm don’t mean it’s the best. Likewise, if you get the cheapest one, it doesn’t mean that you saved a lot. There are other considerations you have to think about.  

Cold or Hot System  

There are different types of essential oil diffusers. One uses a cold system, while another uses a heating process. What we recommend is that you use the former as using heat can make your essential oil less potent.  

Area It Covers  

Since you will be using it in your dormitory, getting the smaller ones could do you good. Generally, the smaller it is, the limited area it can spread its aroma. However, if your place is bigger, then it’s logical to get a larger size. You can check this at the product’s label just to make sure you get the most out of it.   

Materials Used  

There are several designs to choose from. And the materials used are different as well. There is the plastic, wood, and even ceramic. But if we are to provide our recommendation, we encourage you to use the wood since it’s durable. The plastic and ceramic are prone to breakage and of course, that’s just wasting money. 

Where To Place Your Essential Oil Diffuser  

Never place your essential oil diffuser near your bed or somewhere close to you. Choose a lower level instead.  Some are placing it on the floor, but if you have a nice small stool to use, that could work as well.  

Recommended Essential Oil Diffusers For College Students  

We have here some of our favorites. We also think that college students will enjoy using these products. After all, essential oils have great health benefits which can help you become more productive. It can improve not just your school performance, but also your life in general.  

  • InnoGear  
  • Bizond  
  • Smiley Daisy  
  • Urpower  
  • Round Rich  

These are all reasonable, yet work amazing.  

Why You Need To Get Essential Oil Diffusers?  

Let’s highlight the advantages of using essential oils and diffusers. We want to encourage you to invest in your health. And such simple wonders of nature could do massive things. 

  • Improves digestion  
  • Relieves stress  
  • Calms the nerves  
  • Improves skin condition  
  • Promotes good mood  
  • Fights infections  
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Helps with childbirth   

Different essential oils have various benefits. But the most popular ones are peppermint, lavender, chamomile, rose, and ylang-ylang.  

The Best Essential Oils For College Students  

Most of the time, university students get stressed over their projects, exams, and other requirements. In that case, what we suggest is that you get lavender for reducing your stress levels. Likewise, you can use Sandalwood because it is said to improve focus. You can try this before you take the exam. Rose can improve your mood, which we think is beneficial for someone who have anxiety and depression. 

Tips When Buying The Right Essential Oil  

Because of the rising demand, we also notice that there are many counterfeit essential oils. Thus, you have to be careful. Make sure that you are going to get only from credible sources. Read reviews or even ask your friends who are knowledgeable about essential oils. 

However, before you use essential oils, you need to check with your doctors first. Generally, these are safe. But you might have a special health condition that could react negatively with these oils. So to avoid complications, check with your physician before using a product.  

Essential Oils As Potential Business   

This might be out of context, but we believe it’s worth adding.  

You see, there are also small entrepreneurs who earn decently from selling essential oils. As college students,  you might want to look at this business opportunity. Given that university students need to be more relaxed, you already have a good market. Perhaps, you can try selling your products in campus. Give discounts to university students, and be able to earn more.   

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