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Choosing a Double Major at an Online School

Today’s job market is a highly competitive one, which means that you need to find ways to stand out compared to your peers. One option available to you at online colleges and traditional colleges alike is the ability to double major in the hopes that prospective employers will find your resume more appealing. Before you decide to double major at an online school, it’s important that you understand what a double major is and how to manage the extra coursework.

What Is a Double Major?

While the double major term can differ depending on the specific college or university that you attend, the standard definition for a double major refers to the act of taking two college majors within a single degree. For instance, you could choose to major in psychology as well as biomedical sciences. When you’re searching for online colleges and universities that offer double majors, keep in mind that they are also referred to as dual majors.

A major differs from a minor in that they require more coursework to complete, which means that you will have more coursework to do with a double major compared to a standard degree. There are also some colleges that will offer double majors in two completely different subjects, which will allow you to earn two separate degrees. Before you decide to take a double major, it’s important that you’re fully aware of what this entails.

When to Select a Double Major

There are many important factors to consider before you determine if a double major would be right for you. For one, a double major comes with much more coursework, which means that you need to be confident that you can complete your studies efficiently. If you’ve found it difficult to avoid distractions when online in the past, you might want to stick to a single major. It’s also important to understand that it may take longer than four years to complete a degree with a double major, which can delay your graduation. The costs of schooling may also be somewhat higher.

However, there are numerous benefits that come with seeking a double major. For one, it may improve your job prospects if you obtain two majors that have similar subjects. Completing a degree with two majors shows prospective employers that you have a strong work ethic. If you’re going into a difficult field once you graduate, a double major will also give you more knowledge of the industry that you’re about to enter, which can be invaluable. For many students who select a double major, doing so opens up additional career paths. To make a decision that’s right for you, it’s recommended that you weigh the pros and cons of taking this path.

How to Manage a Double Major

To make the process of completing a double major as streamlined and simplified as possible, there are several tips that you should follow. First of all, you should focus on creating a detailed four-year map where you plan out all of your courses. Keep in mind that class availability can change with each semester, which is why you should update the map every semester.

It’s also important that you have backup plans in the event that a class is full or you’re unable to handle the coursework. When taking a double major, stress is inevitable. As such, a core focus throughout college should be to limit your stress as much as possible.

While double majors aren’t for everyone, this option may help you with your future career. If you decide to take a double major when attending an online school, the most important thing is that you’re fully aware of how to manage the extra coursework.

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