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Choose These Face Masks For Working Out In Campus

This pandemic has indeed changed the world. For one, a face mask has been a staple wherever you go now. But this doesn’t mean that we have to change everything in our lives. In fact, you can still have an active lifestyle. However, you have to follow the health protocols and again, wearing a mask is necessary.  You see, a regular face mask makes it impossible to breathe properly. And that is why we looked for the best ones that you can use whenever you run or if you are doing extensive workout routines.  

Evolve Milan Face Masks  

If you are looking for a disposable mask that could be used for working out, you can include this in your choices. You can run for miles as if you are not wearing it. Plus, the moisture doesn’t build up. The best part is that you can easily adjust the nose bridge, making the fit spot on. Even those who are suffering from asthma enjoy using Evolve Milan Face mask. That says a lot about it.  

Hanes Wicking Cotton Masks  

For those who are looking for cotton masks that are soft and extremely comfortable, you need to check out the one from Hanes. Another selling point is that you can wash these easily. For a busy college person like you, you need to consider that as well.  

Under Armour UA Sportsmask  

This mask is specifically built for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. It’s made with a water-resistant outer shell, ideal if you are heavily sweating. Its inner materials allow anyone to breathe properly as well. And with a built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, you have an extra layer of protection if you wish to work out during the hotter days.  

Masqd Ultra Sport Face Mask  

Do you want to know what celebrities are using? This one!  

Apart from the outstanding materials used for this mask, there’s also a pocket where you can add filters. It’s unisex and could be a perfect gift idea for your friends and families.  

Reebok Face Covers  

What we appreciate about this mask is that it’s made from recycled materials. With all the filth worldwide, it’s a good move to choose a sustainable lifestyle. While you can use this during your less-intensive sessions, you might want to get a different mask if you plan to workout hard.  

Alldriey Store Breathable Washable Face Mask  

If you want to look a bit stylish when sweating out, you can try out this brand. It’s made with 100% cotton, making it breathable and perfect when you are running around your campus. It also comes with adjustable earloops so you can fit it perfectly, depending on your needs.  

Athleta Everyday  

The name says it. This is the right face mask for athletes. Right now, they scored 4.5 out of 5 based on customer ratings. And we are talking about more than 5000 reviews. That’s not an easy feat.  This clearly shows how effective and comfortable this face mask is.  

Beyond Yoga In This Together  

What we love about this mask is that it can hold its shape even if you move a lot. And yes, it has UV protection as well. With the benefits you’d get from it, we say it’s also reasonable. Not to mention, it looks cool too.  

Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask  

This mask was recognized by magazines and even athletes themselves. Apart from its comfort level, you can easily wash and dry it. It uses a 3-layer construction to ensure that you can protect yourself wherever you are.  

Adidas Face Covers  

And of course, if you want a face mask specifically made for sports, then get it from a brand well-known in the industry. We are talking about Adidas. It’s just too amazing, you can wear the cover for your entire game, and you won’t have any issues.  

Choosing the Right Face Mask  

When you are buying a face mask, the style should be the least of your concern. You need to consider its breathability. The fit should be checked as well. If it is loose, then your protection is useless. But if it is too tight, you can get yourself hurt in the long run. 

Take note that even if you are wearing a face mask, you should still follow the common health protocols. Ensure a safe distance from one another, and practice proper hand hygiene. Also, be more cautious about your food choices and take the necessary vitamins and supplements.  

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