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Challenges You’d Face As A College Student This Pandemic

With the pandemic still far from over, every sector of society faces a different challenge. And today, let’s talk about how the coronavirus affected university students. Let’s see their challenges so we can understand what they are going through.   

Lack Of Equipment For Online Classes  

Some college students are also worried about where to get funds for their equipment. While most are already online and can access the internet, not everyone has a decent tablet or laptop to conduct conference calls and to store online materials.   

Aside from the hardware, the internet connection could be unstable in some parts of the globe. This is another issue that cannot be addressed right away.   

Being Evicted From College Dorms   

There are a few students who consider their dormitories their home. And to leave the place can be a nightmare. They will have to create a brand new plan, an uncertain one that is, just to have a decent roof above their heads. And for some college students, that’s too much to take.   

Losing Jobs   

Another thing worth considering are the jobs lost. Some students have jobs inside the campus. Most universities closed down in the meantime. Having said that, more people are now unemployed. And when you have a lack of funds, it’s like a domino effect. It can be emotionally and mentally draining.  

International Students Can’t Go Home Right Away   

Now, imagine international students. In some countries, they closed the borders and there is no way to go back home. Most international students do not have a lot of extra funds, and it seems they are trapped. This could essentially add to the anxiety.   

Lack Of Instructional Designers   

Everyone is adjusting to this new learning environment. The issue is that there are not a lot of people who are used to creating educational content online. Most people are still used to preparing traditional learning materials. And this is the gap that we need to address as soon as possible.  

Lack Of Social Interaction   

This issue is not isolated to college students. Since most countries have mandated their people to stay at home, there is an apparent lack of interaction.      

What Students Need To Do  

Reach Out To Your University Admin and Professors   

As of the moment, we can’t say that there is a solid solution for all the problems this pandemic. But as a student, you can do a couple of things. For example, reach out to your college’s admin and see what aid they could offer. In some universities, they lend laptops and mobile hotspot. Likewise, make sure you are in regular contact with your professors and classmates. When you have direct contact with your professors, you are able to give them a heads up if you are experiencing technical difficulties. 

While we are waiting for things to be better, let’s try to use technology to our advantage. Give your friends a quick call and see what they are up to.   

Learn How To Manage Your Time   

If you happen to be taking online courses, it is essential that you manage your time. Quite frankly, you will have a lot of distractions at home. It’s always a good idea to plot the things you need to accomplish and find the best optimal time to finish it all.   

Try To Stay Motivated   

We do understand that it seems nothing is certain. But you need something to hold on to if you want to make your learning experience worthwhile. Think of the reason why you started studying. The pandemic shouldn’t stop you, but rather, you need to adapt. If this seems to be a challenge for you and you think things are hopeless, we recommend that you talk to a professional to have a better perspective on life.   

Exercise Regularly   

Staying at home doesn’t mean you should live a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, with the global health crisis, you need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. If your area does not allow you to go out for a run, there are home exercises you can try out. These are perfect for small spaces as well.   

Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. In these trying times, you have to take it easy. And as a college student, just maximize what you have and let go of things you can’t control. As they always say, when things are down, there’s no way but up.   

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