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Can’t Resist Negative Peer Pressure, Here Are The Best Tips

Humans are social creatures, and we naturally want to conform. While in most cases, it’s always good to try out new things and be with different types of people, it can be lethal once you are being pressured to do things you are not comfortable with. Negative peer pressure is real and must be avoided at all costs. 

However, we understand that it can be a bit challenging, especially if you are new to the environment. Or perhaps, you do not want to have bad blood with anyone. So how are you going to resist peer pressure? Is there a specific way to deal with it? 

Frankly speaking, there’s no single tactic to shy away from negative peer pressure. But there are several creative ways you can try out. And that’s what we are going to share with you in this post. 

Be Firm With Your Choices  

To effectively say no to negative peer pressure, know exactly what you want and stand up for it. If you are naturally shy and non-confrontational, this could be hard at first. But do it once and it will be easier the next time.  

If you look indecisive, other people will see you as more vulnerable. They will try their best to convince you to join them.

It’s fine to hang out with people having different views and beliefs. You must respect their choices. But in the process, respect yourself as well. If they are your genuine friends, they will surely do the same. 

Pause and Think of the Long Term Effects

Partying, getting drunk, or going crazy are some of the things you probably want to do in college. And we are not saying to decline every invitation that comes your way. However, you always need to set limitations. It’s always good that before you say yes or before joining a group, have a pause. Assess if what you are about to do will negatively affect your life in the long run. Think about using drugs, skipping classes, or smoking. Is it really worth it? 

Be Creative and Make Excuses 

Of course, lying is generally not a good practice. But there are instances that you have to take extreme measures, most especially if you are being constantly pressured. It doesn’t matter if your excuse is absurd or doesn’t make sense. The important thing is that you are consistent in declining their invite. 

Some of the creative reasons could be about your parents being too strict. Or that you made plans already. For others, being direct works as well. A firm NO without an explanation can also work. It depends on whom you are talking to. 

Physically Distance Yourself or Walk Out 

If you feel extremely pressured and you are not liking it one bit, just leave. It might seem rude to walk out from a party, but if it means saving your sanity and yourself, we see nothing wrong about it. If necessary, send them a message that you went home already. Tell that you are sick or that you urgently need to finish a report. 

Look for a Support Group 

Often times, it’s hard to say no to peer pressure if you are alone. Again, we will go back to our need for belongingness as human beings. And in that case, ensure that you look for a better group to join. There’s no need to rush, so it isn’t required to be in a clique right away. It’s way better to be on your own in the meantime than spend it with people that will cause you harm. 

Don’t Be Ashamed to Get Help

Some people think that we can resist negative peer pressure on our own. But the case isn’t true most of the time. It’s ok to get help. 

If other people are forcing you to do things, you can tell your parents, trusted friends, even your professors. Talk to someone with authority, and if necessary, ask if they can intervene. For example, you can send a code to your parents in the middle of an uncontrollable party. That way, they can fetch or at least pretend to have an emergency call.   

Take note that not all peer pressures are bad. We also have positive peer pressure where the circle pushes you to improve yourself. Use your better judgement and follow your instinct. Make good life choices as early as now or suffer the consequences for a lifetime.  

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