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Can Pearson lockdown browser see you?

When students use Pearson LockDown Browser for online examinations, a common question that arises is whether the browser has the capability to monitor them. Indeed, the Pearson LockDown Browser can see you during an examination if your test requires the use of a webcam, which is typically utilized for proctoring purposes.

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Understanding Pearson LockDown Browser’s Proctoring Functions

Pearson LockDown Browser is designed to secure the online test-taking environment. When a webcam proctoring feature is activated, the software can monitor the student through video to ensure academic integrity. It’s essential to understand that this feature is not always active but is dependent on the specific settings chosen by the instructor or the institution.

How Proctoring Works in Pearson LockDown Browserwill Pearson lockdown browser see me

Proctoring through Pearson LockDown Browser generally involves several steps:

  1. Webcam Check: At the start of an exam, the software will perform a webcam check to ensure functionality.
  2. Student Identification: Students may be asked to present identification to the camera for verification purposes.
  3. Environment Scan: Some exams require students to use the webcam to record a 360-degree environment check.
  4. Continuous Monitoring: The browser may record video and audio throughout the duration of the exam to prevent cheating.

Privacy and Security Concerns

The use of a webcam for proctoring exams raises important privacy concerns. Pearson and educational institutions assert that they prioritize student privacy and data security.

  • Data Protection: They follow strict protocols to protect any recorded proctoring data.
  • Consent: Students are typically informed and must consent to these monitoring measures before starting an exam.
  • Access to Recordings: Only authorized personnel are allowed to review the recordings, and strict access controls are in place.

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Pearson’s Guidelines and Requirements

Pearson provides detailed guidelines for both students and educators on how to use the LockDown Browser:

  • Technical Requirements: They outline the technical specifications required for the software and webcam functionality.
  • Best Practices: Pearson offers best practices for setting up the physical environment to meet proctoring standards.
  • Troubleshooting: Assistance is available for technical issues that may arise during the setup or use of the LockDown Browser.

Using Pearson LockDown Browser Without a Webcam

Not all exams require the use of a webcam. In such cases, the LockDown Browser will still secure the exam environment by restricting browser functions, preventing access to other applications, and disallowing screen captures.

The Student Experience with LockDown Browser

For students, the experience of being monitored by the LockDown Browser’s webcam feature can be a source of anxiety. It’s crucial to prepare both mentally and physically for this type of testing environment. Familiarizing oneself with the software’s functionality and testing the webcam in advance can mitigate test-day stress. Additionally, understanding that the monitoring is solely for the purpose of upholding academic standards can help frame the experience in a more positive light.

Students should also ensure their testing space is clear of prohibited materials and distractions. This not only aids concentration but also prevents any misunderstandings about academic dishonesty. The goal is to create a comfortable setting that complies with testing protocols.

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Instructor’s Role in Webcam Proctoring

Educators play a pivotal role in the implementation of webcam proctoring. They are responsible for setting clear expectations and providing students with comprehensive instructions on the use of the LockDown Browser with a webcam. Instructors must ensure that students are well informed about the dos and don’ts during an exam.

Effective communication from the instructor can help ease student concerns about privacy and the integrity of the proctoring process. It’s important for educators to address any questions or concerns students may have prior to the exam to foster a fair and comfortable testing atmosphere.


The Pearson LockDown Browser, with its webcam proctoring capability, is a robust solution for maintaining the integrity of online exams. However, its use is governed by the institution’s policies and the specific settings of each test. While the browser can indeed “see” you during an exam to ensure academic honesty, it does so with a commitment to privacy and security, ensuring that the surveillance is not intrusive beyond the academic requirements.

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