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Burnt Out Due To Pandemic, Here’s What You Need To Do

The pandemic has affected the entire globe. And we are not surprised if you are already burnt out. But as a college student, we understand that you still have a lot of things to fulfill. You have your school and other adult responsibilities.  

Thus, we came up with this brief post that can help you. What are the ways to combat the feeling of being burnt out, most especially this pandemic?  

Acknowledge Your Feelings  

If you are feeling uneasy because of the pandemic, you have to acknowledge it. Don’t just brush if off. The moment you accept your emotions, you would be able to address them better.

Now, if you think professional intervention is needed, then don’t be embarrassed to look for one. There are even centers and organizations you can tap, and they are willing to help those who need assistance.  

Schedule Time For Working Out  

It can be tempting to just lie down on your couch or your bed for the entire day. But that’s not going to do good for your health. Instead, find time to work out. As gyms are usually closed due to health protocols, you can do simple workouts at home. Or, you can go around the block and run. There are even dance videos which you can easily follow.  

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you would like to do. But what is important is that you release your stress by being active. The endorphins could also help you with your emotional health.  

Get The Right Amount Of Sleep  

One of the reasons why you are stressed and burnt out is that you lack sleep. You have to restore your body by having a relaxing rest throughout the night.  

Apart from exercising, know the right diet. If you are going to eat heavy meals before bed time, that could also affect your sleeping behavior. Always go for lighter ones and avoid drinking coffee hours before you sleep.  

Stay Away From Gadgets  

While you can get news online, it’s not good for your health if you will spend hours scrolling through social media. It can be a breeding ground for fake news and that could affect your mental health.  

Just allot a few minutes per day on your online use, and log out. If you keep on seeing news about COVID, you might be affected and you be less productive the entire day.  

Do What You Are Passionate About  

Since you have more time on your hands, then it’s about time that you do something you truly love. Because you are busy with school, maybe you have placed your passion on the back burner. To lessen the feeling or being burnt out, go back to your hobbies.  

Manage Your Time Well  

Since some of us are doing online classes, it could be tempting to just do all school work for the entire day. And that could lead to burnt out. We recommend that you create a time table. Make sure that you schedule not just your school works but also other leisure activities.  

If you want to read a book, watch movies, or jog around, include those as well.  

Eat Healthy  

You might think this tip should not be included in this list, but eating the right type of food is apparently beneficial to manage your emotions. Stay away from junks in the meantime.  

Know That This Will End Too  

It can get tiring to think about what’s in store for us in the future. While it is true that there is so much uncertainty, remember that humans are made to be resilient. Plus, there is already progress in terms of vaccine. The economy is getting back on track as well.

If you worry about job opportunities after you finish college, focus on learning skills as of the moment. That way, you can have that unfair advantage as you apply for a job.  

Have A Good Laugh And Use Humor  

We understand that COVID is a serious matter. But take a look around. Most news today are just filled with scary headlines and that could cause stress and anxiety.  

It would help if you have a good laugh with your friends. Or maybe, watch some classic comedy movies. Laughing in itself is already healthy. Plus, it’s good to take your mind off from something which you cannot control. 

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