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Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for Your Shared Dorm Room

One of the things that most college students look forward to is their dormitory life. Without a doubt, it is exciting to meet other people. However, the experience isn’t always superb, most especially if your dorm is not properly designed. Just imagine an extremely plain room, beds, desks, and nothing much to inspire you. It’s about time to do a room overhaul. But don’t worry! We have here some practical design ideas that will work best for those who are on a budget.

Talk About a Theme With Your Roommate 

Remember, you are sharing a room with someone who might have a different design preference than yours. That means you cannot just push your ideas and start working on your room design without consulting your roommate. 

Find common ground and base your theme from there. But if your ideas are incredibly different from one another, the best way is to dedicate a separate space for each. There are room dividers that you can take advantage of. This is a good idea because your space – your design! You can get crazy if you want to. 

Add Amazing and DIY Art Pieces

Wall art can add instant character to your shared room. People believe that you have to get expensive pieces to add glam to your space. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, you can jazz up your dorm room by printing designs online. 

Just buy beautiful yet inexpensive frames which you can get from Walmart. It’s all about creativity. Here are some online platforms where you can get free designs that you can use as wall art.

  • Oh So Lovely 
  • Free Classic Images 
  • Chicfetti 
  • The New York Public Library’s Digital Collection 
  •  Little Gold Pixel 

Or if you have a talent to do your own artwork, then that’s even better. Make your wall your mini showroom. 

Prioritize Your Bed With Great Beddings, Pillows Etc.

Most probably, the largest furniture in your dormitory room is your bed. And it seems logical that you make it as beautiful as possible. Don’t forget comfort as well. Look for quality beddings, duvet, pillows, and pillowcases. Style it according to your preference and have a great sleep every single night.  

Change Your Lighting

You would be surprised how much change lighting could do to a once dull room. Choose one that allows you to study without straining your eyes. Or if there are adjustable lights, then that’s a good investment for now.  

Add Indoor Plants And Improve Air Quality   

It’s always good to add a touch of outdoor ambiance inside your dormitory. It’s not just for aesthetics alone, but it can improve the quality of air. It also creates a calmer atmosphere. We all know that college or university life can be stressful at times. And that is why you have to make your room as relaxing as possible. 

Light Scented Candles 

And speaking of relaxation, you can also buy scented candles. These are mostly budget-friendly and can help you meditate whenever you are anxious or feeling uneasy. Essential oils can do the trick as well. 

Look for Smart Storage Solutions 

The reason why a lot of dorm spaces look unpleasant is that it tend to become disorganized. Most of the time, dormitories do not provide ample storage space. Fortunately, there are solutions ideal for small spaces. Our top favorites are the following: 

  • Foldable cube organizer 
  • Rolling wire under-bed cart 
  • Under-bed storage bags 
  • Bedside storage (can be hanged on the side of your bed) 
  • Desktop organizer shelf 
  • Stick-on-wall bedside shelf 

Watch Out for Sale!

Now, don’t get too excited to buy new items for your dorm. Trust us, it pays to be extra patient. Wait for the sale season to come, and you would be surprised how several companies and home improvement stores drop their prices. Find coupons and get new deals. 

Going to thrift shops isn’t bad too. What we love about using pre-loved decorations is that it has its own story to tell. And if you want to get fabulous finds but on a tight budget, then looking at garage sales is one of the best things to do. 

It’s always a brilliant idea to redesign your dorm according to your personality. Bear in mind that it will be your home for months or even years. And you have to make it yours as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be costly though. Just know the tricks, and you are all good.   


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