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Boost Your Pre-Calculus Grade In 3 Days. The Solution!

Oh ye formidable enemy

Ye calculus and ye siblings

Why thy slain students?

Honestly, I am yet to grasp why students dread calculus that much. It is just like any other Math subject!  Let’s dial it back a bit to the foundation of calculus – precalculus. Oh yes, there’s precalculus, to prepare you for the big jump. Just like most other Math subjects, the best way to boost your Precalculus grade is to study. Preparing for a math test requires you work smart; don’t just put in the work (hard work), make calculated decisions on time, content, and partnerships. Find your happy place and set it up for a personal, yet intimate, study session. The time put into classwork and homework is not enough for you to realize your full precalculus potential. I know that sounds corny, but you have to remember, Math is a repetitive and practical subject – the more you practice, the higher your retention capacity. Going back to studying smart, discussions come into mind. Get into groups with proven class nerds in pre-calculus, and they will simplify the entire course in a day! Here are some tips to help you boost your precalculus grade in 3 days.

Do I Cram?

I get it; time is not on your side, and the exams are here. How do you master precalculus with just 3 days to go? Panicking and anxiety are not the solutions. So, first things first, don’t make your study time a minute rush, instead make it a daily routine for the next 3 grade-changing days. Cramming does not have any long-term benefits and is often ineffective, especially for slow learners. What you need is a regular two hours daily of precalculus study time for a long-term solution. Let me just say what we are all thinking at this point: precalculus is a bunch of formulas and expressions that you need to commit to memory. Wrong! You need to drop that myopia and study for tomorrow beyond the exams. Remember I said this is the basis of calculus? Therefore, focus on specific topics or problems. Prepare, remind yourself, understand the expressions and if possible, set goals about it.

Practice makes perfect!

It is true, folks. Just like any sport, spectators do not learn the ropes in Pre-calculus. To boost your Precalculus grades in 3 days, you need to practice patiently as much as possible. So, becoming a precalculus Rockstar is all about muscle-memory development through regular repetition, just like practicing a musical instrument or a basketball shot. This routine gives you confidence, makes you less anxious, familiarizes you with all possible questions, and renders knowledgeable in precalculus problem-solving techniques. Nevertheless, for the three P’s (practice, persevere, and participate) of learning to work, you must choose a stimulating environment. Our brains recall information just as we absorbed it. So, if you will take your precalculus test in 3 days in a quiet room with just a table or desk, simulate that in your study room. Just to be clear, your coach or your bed is out of the question here. You take it a notch higher by dressing just as you will during the test. It helps you dissipate any pre-test or pre-exam jitters. Do not try to multitask when studying – only eat during breaks, get rid of round music, and avoid distractions from friends, pets, and relatives.

The Jolly Rancher Technique

Let’s face it; studying is tedious, let alone Math. Do not despair if the first day is not as productive as you hoped. Thomas Edison discovered 999 ways not to invent the light bulb before his 1000th big break. So, how do we ease this stress when studying? Reward yourself through the Pomodoro technique to keep you focused and motivated. Named after Francesco Cirillo, the technique divides tasks into 25-minute time segments. Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer as a university student to time these segments. In each time segment, called a Pomodoro, focus on a specific task for 25 minutes without distractions. Once the time is up, reward yourself with a snack or a juice box and repeat the process for the next task. And did you know Pomodoro is Latin for tomato?  Choose the rewards as you prefer (walks, Oreos, Jolly Rancher, a cup of coffee) but do not overeat candy – otherwise, we will be writing a guide on how to lose the weight you gained next. Studying does not need to be a survival of gruelling hours on end. Make it an active interaction with the material just like we do here. And if you still think that you will need extra help to get the grade you are looking for, here at we do your exams, homework, quizzes, papers and even your full online classes. Hire an expert and stress no more about your upcoming coursework.

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