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Boost Your Grades by Downloading These Apps and Software

The resources that college students have right now are far better than what we had ten years ago. There are a lot of apps that can help you improve your grades. And if you are not using one right now, then we urge you to test a couple of apps. Most of these tools can help you become more efficient. Use it to your advantage, do more, and enjoy your university life. 

Here we listed some of our favorite apps that helped millions of university students worldwide. It will be worthwhile if you check it out too. 

Dragon Dictation For Writing Essays Fast  

The Dragon Dictation app is perfect for students who are challenged to write, even if they have the brightest ideas. You can simply talk, and the app will start recording. There’s no need to think about spelling concerns as well. It can even transcribe up to 160 words a minute.

You see, some students think fast that their typing couldn’t keep up. And that affects the train of thoughts. But with Dragon Dictation, you can avoid that.  

Office Lens for Your Powerful Scanning Needs 

Simply put, the Office Lens is your handy scanner. You can take photos of your professor’s notes, documents, and even receipts. You can all save these and digitally edit when necessary. 

What sets this apart is that it can convert your files to Word, Powerpoint, and PDF. It’s not just ideal for saving lectures or documents. You can also take photos of business cards and automatically save the contact details on your phone. As someone trying to build a network, this tool is beneficial. 

Offtime to Minimize Distractions 

Let’s admit it, we can easily get distracted by our gadgets. But if you want to focus on your studies or to finish your homework, cutting yourself from the digital world could help. That’s where the Offtime app comes in. 

Of course, you can always practice discipline and just leave your phone somewhere far from your study area. But to be honest, it doesn’t work for other people. 

The advantage of using Offtime is that you still get to see the records of the things you’ve missed while you were unplugged. With that, you can call back your friends or respond to emails. You can also customize the features to include people in your whitelist, such as your family members.

CampusBooks for Discounted Textbooks 

College life can be financially draining. So if you can find ways to stretch your budget, then feel free to do so. One of our favorite apps is CampusBooks. With this, you can save as much as 90% when buying or renting the textbooks. In addition, you can also sell your old ones. 

With this tool, you can compare prices of new, used, and even electronic versions of the book. And from there, you can purchase the most affordable option. There’s also a GPS technology if you need to get the inventory of the books within your area. 

Google Drive to Store Files 

Years ago, we usually stored our files on our laptop or harddrive. While this is still a common practice right now, there’s a sudden switch, which is more efficient. 

Google Drive allows you to store files that you can access on any device. If you are using a different computer, you don’t need to bring a USB drive to save it. In addition, you can store and share these files with your groupmates. This makes it easier to collaborate when you have different class schedules. With Google Drive, you can save the document, edit it, and provide notes as well. 

You just need to have a Google Account and enjoy 15 GB of free storage. If you want to upgrade, then there’s a corresponding fee. 

Trello for Collaboration 

And speaking of collaboration, another app that you and your classmates can take advantage of is Trello. It’s a straightforward tool that helps you organize your projects into digital boards. Share the boards with your groupmates and start tracking the progress of your project. Likewise, you can use this if you want to be more organized with your personal tasks.  

Oxford Dictionary App to Boost Vocabulary 

Last on our list is the Oxford Dictionary app. As a university student, you must have a more extensive vocabulary and use terms appropriate for your age. This is where a directory app can help you. Oxford Dictionary for English has more than 150 years of research to back it up. Thus, you can expect the highest quality.


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